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What happened to Orange County Choppers’ Paul Teutul Jr.?

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What happened to Orange County Choppers after the show went off the air? Well, Paul Teutul Jr. is returning to American Chopper! Today, Teutul Jr. heads Paul Jr. Designs and is happily married with children. He’s still estranged from father Paul Teutul Sr. Read on to find out more about what Paul Teutul Jr.’s up to in 2017.

What happened to Paul Teutul Jr.?

Paul Teutul Jr.’s relationship with his father deteriorated as the seasons of American Chopper progressed. They tried to work out their differences for 6 years, before finally cutting ties in 2009. 

Their onscreen partnership and off-screen relationship ended with Teutul Sr. firing Junior. A year later, after the one-year non-compete clause ended, Teutul Jr. launched his own business called Paul Jr. Designs. 

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Paul Teutul Jr. is returning to American Chopper!

Good news for fans! Teutul Jr. will be returning to Discovery on the upcoming season of American Chopper.

His official website revealed on October 18, 2017 that they were going to film American Chopper again. The post also said that the show is scheduled for a May 2018 premiere. 

Paul Teutul Sr (left) and son Paul Teutul Jr (right) stand with a bike in between them

On November 17, 2017, Teutul took to Twitter to update her fans on the progress of the all new American chopper.

So get ready to watch the father-son team back at it again. Maybe they’ll finally reconcile after years of estrangement. In this next season, the Teutuls’ reputation is on the line with high profile celebrities and Forbes 100 companies as clients. 

Discovery revealed that Teutul Jr. is stressed for the sustainability of Paul Jr. Designs because of the rough economy, especially now that he’s a father. 

Paul Teutul Jr. has a son with wife

Teutul Jr. has been married to his wife Rachael since August 20, 2010. They welcomed their son, Hudson Seven Teutul in February 2015. The birth of his son helped Teutul Jr. somewhat reconcile with his own father. 

Paul Teutul Jr and his wife Rachael Biester holding their son Hudson Seven Teutul

It only shows how much family matters to the Teutuls. In 2012, when Senior’s mother passed away, Teutul Jr. put aside all his differences and consoled his father on the phone. 

Name Paul Teutul Jr.
Birthday October 02, 1974
Age 43 Years Old
Net Worth (USD) $ 10,000,000 - Ten Million US Dollars
Marital Status Married
Wife Racheal Biester