Jania Jackson is recognized as the girlfriend of 19-year-old musician NBA YoungBoy. They have been together for quite awhile now and their relationship has been severely backlashed. 

Who is NBA YoungBoy’s girlfriend?

Kentrell Desean Gaulden aka YoungBoy is a native rapper from Louisiana, born on October 20, 1999. He shares four children with four different women and is supporting financially and also playing an active role in their lives. After the birth of his third son Kamiri, in August 2017, it was reported that he was dating Dr. Phil guest, Danielle Bregoli aka Cash Me Outside.

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He is currently dating Jania Jackson, who is a High School senior, and her age is expected to be 17 or 18. As of now, she resides in Houston, Texas.

Jania Jackson is taking a mirror selfie

In December 2017, NBA YoungBoy tattooed his girlfriend name above his eye, which was somehow enough for many to prove his seriousness in relationship. Following that, they also appeared on Instagram live session where they officially shared about their relationship to the viewers

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As their relationship has been seriously backlashed, during the live session, NBA says to Jackson, “Why don’t they like us being together?” Jackson says, “Man, let me tell you. I don’t know. Because they’re jealous. I don’t know what they jealous of.” YoungBoy says that the haters want him “to f*** up so bad.” Jackson replies, “Ain’t happening.”

Is she a victim of domestic violence?

While they have been time and again proving their relationship slamming the backlashes, there has been serious accusation of Jania being the victim of domestic violence. 

In January, YoungBoy was accused of making Jania Jackson sleep on a couch in a hotel lobby, while he was having sex with a groupie. But Jania angrily denied it, and said she wanted to sleep in a lobby and it’s not as bad as it seems.

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Later, NBA YoungBoy was caught in camera body slamming his girlfriend in a hotel hallway in Georgia. But they were out of the hotel before the cops were on the scene. However, cops found the evidence; brutal body slamming video and presence of the blood in the room where they stayed.

Jania Jackson and NBA YoungBoy are seen together

This evidence and video further led authorities to issue an arrest warrant on NBA YoungBoy. Later that night, he was arrested in Tallahassee, Florida, when his tour bus was pulled over by the Leon County Sheriff’s office. He was set to perform at The Moon nightclub, but he never made it to the show.

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Further, Jania took Twitter to justify the video by explaining that was the way they “play.” And about the kidnapping, she said, she could not be kidnapped by YoungBoy, she wanted to spend time with him on Saturday, and that’s what they did. 

Jania Jackson taking mirror selfie

Moving on, agencies reported that was not the first time rapper NBA YoungBoy was arrested. Prior to this, he was charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder, for his apparent participation in a drive-by shooting. The shooting that occurred in November 2016, was expected to be the vengeance for the killing of Keondrae Ricks earlier that day.

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He was placed on a 3 years probation period, after pleading guilty to one count of serious assault on May 22, and was released from East Baton Rouge Jail that week. Later, the singer was reported that he was seconds away from getting into a fight at a mall at Atlanta, where witness filmed the incident.


Jania Jackson’s net worth is under the veil, as of now. But, talking about her boyfriend, NBA YoungBoy’s net worth, he has earned some serious cash through his singing career.

Ninth grade drop out NBA YoungBoy has seen success on the music charts since he released his first mixtape with no plug, in 2014. After that, his followers count on social sites and subscribers on YouTube, whopped in no time.

NBA YoungBoy is wearing black dress followed by numbers of chain in neck

He achieved popularity when he was behind the bars due to his song 38 Baby. On March 2, his latest album, Until Death Call My Name has been released. The songs of NBA YoungBoy that appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 are Untouchable, No Smoke, and Outside Today.

Being brought up in a harsh environment, he has gained scandalizing fame at a very young age. As of 2018, he resides in Baton Rouge and has an estimated net worth of $2million.

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