James Patrick Stuart is an American actor and a voice actor. He was born on 16 June 1968, California in Hollywood. He acted as the mad scientist Kraniac in the Disney Channel sitcom The Villains of Valley View.

For Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, he has collected three Consecutive Daytime Emmy award nominations in 2020, 2021 and 2022. He performed as Lorne Greene’s Starchild consultant, Dr. Zee, when he was eleven.

Early Life/Bio of James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart’s English parents were Chad Stuart and Jill Stuart. His father, Chad, is one of the most famous 1960s British Invasion. Moreover, he runs as a producer at A&M Records and musical director for the Smothers Brothers.

James Patrick Stuart and his father  posing for a photo
James Patrick Stuart and his father posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

Stuart has two siblings named Beth Stuart and Andrew Stuart. Moreover, his father bought him a drum set at 9. And by age 14, James started recording with his father.

James spent most of his childhood in the studios because of his father. Furthermore, he was very hardworking and well-disciplined from his childhood. Moreover, Stuart used to follow all the commands granted by his parents. He portrayed Doctor Zee in the TV series Galactica1980, leaving his name, James, to the full legal name.


Stuart’s normal life began when his father moved the family to the tiny ocean-front society of Laguna Beach, California, in 1982. He started to join in High School.

James graduated from Hollywood’s admired Stella Adler’s Conservatory of Acting. What’s more, Patrick also underwent Arthur Mendoza and Joanne Linville and was at the side of the selection of Benicio Del Toro and Mark Ruffalo in 1988. 

The career of James Patrick Stuart

James received many proposals in films, namely Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, The Fix, Conquest of the Earth, something wicked and many more. He represented VALENTIN CASSADINE on the daily soap opera General Hospital. He is not only famous for his acting but also familiar with doing the voice in several films.

Picture of James Patrick Stuart pointing out the poster of his new released movie.
Picture of James Patrick Stuart pointing out the poster of his newly released movie. Source: Instagram

In the 1993 film Gettysburg, James played a Confederate Colonel, Edward Porter Alexander and in the 2003 prequel in the film Gods and Generals. After Lonnie Quinn, he was the second actor to play Will Cortlandt on the daily soap opera All my Children. He is popular for working on television.

Stuart had a quick impression in Pretty Woman as an assistant in 1990 and was hastily appointed by the New York soap, All My Children, as dark horse Will Cortlandt. As an Emmy candidate, he retired from the New York soap in 1992.

Director Ron Maxwell rapidly assigned Stuart to the civil war heroic Gettysburg, where he played Col. Porter Alexander, the chief of Southern Artillery, besides Martin Sheen and Tom Berenger. After that, James was extended the mind-blowing role of Brett, Elaine’s egocentric, furniture-designing boyfriend, with a tender spot for the song “Desperado” in an approved episode of Seinfeld.

Then, Stuart emerged as “Guy,” a French ski guide with the desires for Niles on the evocative “Ski Lodge” episode of Frasier. He just recently found himself a series well-organized on two separate satire for two different systems; NBC’s Encore, Encore portraying Nathan Lane, and CBS’s The Simple Life with Judith Light at the same time.

Films and Games

James united the Emmy-promoted and mold-breaking FOX reality show Andy Richter Controls the Universe as the office idol, Keith, fabricated by Victor Fresco and Andy Ackerman in 2001. The show was idolized by FOX and loved by observers invariably.

Stuart continues a victorious voice-over profession. Recently he voices the character of “Private” on Nickelodeon’s recklessly admired Penguins of Madagascar. Nowadays, he can also be known in the character of Nickelodeon’s Blaze and the Monster Machines, Monster vs. Aliens, and Disney’s upcoming Lego: Star Wars.

Along with films and series, Stuart provided many additional voices to the games. Such as:

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  2. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  3. Diablo III
  4. Diablo: Reaper of Souls
  5. Disney Infinity
  6. Disney Infinity 3.0
  7. Toy Story 3 and many others.

Stuart extended to live a highly prolific television profession connecting the casts of various funny network comedy pilots in the company of Steve Carell, Janine Garaffallo, and others. While sustaining recurring characters on admired network hits like CSI, The Closer, The Mentalist, Two Broke Girls & How to Get Away with Murder.

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In 2011, Stuart attached the cast of  CW’s Supernatural as the big baddie, Dick Roman. He can further be recognized in the reviews Imagine That with Eddie MurphySomething Wicked with the late Brittany Murphy, and Its Complicated opposite, Meryl Streep.

James Patrick Stuart and his Personal Life

James Patrick Stuart married Jocelyn Stuart at Presbyterian Church of Mendocino, California. Furthermore, James and his wife, Jocelyn tied the knot away from the peering eyes. They gave birth to two babies.

James Patrick Stuart celebrating his wife birthday.
James Patrick Stuart was celebrating his wife’s birthday. Source: Instagram

On May 18, 2002, Jocelyn gave birth to their oldest son, Graham Parker Stuart. And their youngest son is Colin Parker Stuart. On the other hand, they also called him a baby boy.

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Presently, they celebrated their 21st anniversary last 9 September. Until their marriage, he never cheated on his wife with another woman. Likewise, Stuart is living a happy and peaceful life with his wife and their two sons.

Net Worth of James Patrick Stuart

James came to fame as one of the most popular & wealthy actors among the top listed actors. According to various other online sources, Stuart has a net worth of around $2 million which he has collected from his acting and voice-acting career.

James is a multi-talented actor and got lots of love and fame from his fans and audience. He is happy with his income from his profession.

Awards & Nomination

Because of his fan’s love and support, he finally won the Best Film Award. That award was for his movie The American Gandhi at Eugene International Film Festival, held in 2015.

James Patrick Stuart posing for a photo.
James Patrick Stuart was posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

All My Children earned him the Daytime Emmy Award in 1992. And The Penguins of Madagascar for the Behind Voice Acting Awards in 2012. He was nominated for his drama series, General Hospital, in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Daytime Emmy Award is an American accolade bestowed by the Newyork-based National Academy of Television Arts. Likewise, Science in recognition of excellence in American DayTime Television Programming. In 1974, the first ceremony was established.

In 2013, James earned a nomination for the Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series! Moreover, for a Supporting Role – Comedy/Musical in 2013, he also gained a nomination for the Behind Voice Acting Awards.

Furthermore, he also earned the Annie Awards nomination in the category of Voice Acting as well. And James also gained a nominee in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production (Episode: “High Moltage”) in 2013.