Reed Horstmann is an American actor. In addition, he is a famous model and social media star with a huge fan base. The actor has inspired youth to dream big and achieve their dreams. He is popular for his work in “Our Souls at Night (2017)” and “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garia (2020)”.

Furthermore, the actor has appeared in numerous films and television industries. The actor is popularly known know providing justice to all the roles he has played. One of his appearances of the actor is in “the Universe of Asley Garcia” in 2020.

Earlier life and family Life of Reed Horstmann

Reed Horstmann was born on 7th February 2003 (Currently 20 years) in Hollywood, LA. He believes in and follows the Christian region. Furthermore, the “Our Souls at Night” actor believes in astrological signs; from birth, he lies under the Leo sign.

Reed Horstman’s promotion poster for “The Villains Valley View.” Source: Instagram

The “Villian of Valley Views” actor is the prince of M Horstmann and Erin Horstmann in Los Angeles, California. The actor grew up with two siblings, a brother and a sister. In addition, Reed’s mother was an artist, and his father was a sportive person, which means all the children have a mix of creativity and physicality.

Reed’s Earlier Career

Reed started his career as an actor in his childhood. Furthermore, he participated in different drama events during his school and locality. The young, energetic voy was enrolled in an acting camp by his mother. Reed had to work hard for his interview and audiences. Lastly, at the end of their teenage years, he was in an adaption of “The Hobbit.”

Lucy Davis, the shocking actress from The Villains of Valley View

With this first appearance in the industry, the Universe of Asley Garcia actor was motivated to be a part of the acting industry. Reed took numerous acting classes to enhance and diversify his acting skills. However, Reed can play any role in giving justice to all characters.  

Reed appearances in Netflix Family Series.

Reed Horstmann plays the role of “Stick” in the Netflix Family original series “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.” The series portrays a girl, Ashley Garcia, the world’s only fifteen-and-a-half-year-old robotics engineer and rocket scientist. In addition, Garcia got a chance to work for NASA. Everyone has a dream to work and connect with NASA.

Reed Horstmann shares the fam with another actor in “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.” Source: Instagram

Garcia moved across the country to live with her Uncle Victor. In addition, his uncle is a pro football player who has guided numerous sporters. Later the uncle turned out to be a high school coach. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” Episodes begin streaming on Netflix on 17th February. However, the audience praises the acting of all the actors and story of The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”.

Is Reed Horstmann in a Relationship?

Every one curious to know about Horstmann, especially his relationship. However, his fans want to know who is the lucky girl that the handsome actor is dating. The Hobbit star is busy with his projects and family, so he is not committed to a relationship.

The actor also has friends that support him in all situations. The actor wants to earn a name and fame in the industry, which makes him busy compared to other actors.

The dedication of the actor towards his work helps to motivate another actor to work hard for the competition. The star has created immense glory in the industry.

How much does a Reed Horstmann earn?

The actor is more popular for all the roles and scenes in the Horstmann’sll as in television series. Horstmann’s acting skills are increasing with the years and contracts he will receive. Reed Horstmann holds approximately $3 million per various online sources.

Reed Horstmann shares a frame with his luxurious car. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, the secondary income comes from brands, advertisements, and others. The actor is working dedicatedly to get a new contract and project, which will help him increase his net worth.

James Patrick Stuart, the actor from The Villains of Valley View

In addition, the young actor has family property in various places with luxurious cars. We can say that Reed is a hardworking actor who started his career when his friends were not serious about their careers.

Some of his appearances in film and television series are:

  1. Our souls at night
  2. Cattle Call
  3. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia
  4. The Villians of Valley View
  5. Game on! A Comedy Crossover Event

Physical Appearance

The young American actor is smart and cute. In addition, he has a warm and friendly behavior. He has brown eyes and black hair. However, the actor is more stylish. He likes everyone to change his outfits more often and tends to wear dark colors and clothes that suites him.

Furthermore, the actor is 5 feet 9 inches, whereas his weight is 62 kgs. In addition, he has a huge female, especially female fan following due to his appearance and smile. 


The young American actor has not been a part of controversies. However, he can manage a private life away from the public. In addition, he is working hard to succeed and has managed to get a deal on numerous projects in 2023. Therefore Horstmann’s private life is out of the reach of the public.

Horstmann’s Online Presence

The handsome, young actor is an active heart of teenagers. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia star has a habit of sharing pictures on social media accounts. However, he often shares his presence through his posts and stories. In addition, he likes to connect with people, and most youths take him as a role model.

Horstmann has 65.2k followers and around 67 posts on his Instagram account. Furthermore, he tends to follow all the Hollywood stars. The actor also shares a happy moment with his friends and family during his outings and vacations.

Other Areas of Interest

Reed loves to stay in a large family with his grandparents. Furthermore, they had to leave their grandparents searching for better stabilization of the reed career. The actor likes to play a sport like a basketball, boxing, fencing, football, golf, skateboarding, Snow Skiing, and Swimming. Among these sports, he has won awards in Swimming, Golf and Boxing.