YouTubers Jake Paul and Alissa Violet had been rumored to be dating since Jake created Team 10 and listed Alissa as a member. The couple made loads of videos that circulated the rumors around social media. 

The couple supposedly dated for a year, but they remain separated now. Moreover, Jake and his ex had a Twitter brawl back in February about who cheated on who and most recently, they released diss tracks against each other in June.

RiceGum & Alissa Violet release diss track in response to Jake Paul’s It’s Everyday Bro.

In early June, Jake released a song on his channel called It’s Everyday Bro featuring his Team 10 members. Moreover, he and his rumored girlfriend, Tessa Brooks, seemed to bash Alissa in the song.

Alissa Violet and RiceGum sitting on the hood of a Lamborgini

In response, Alissa teamed up with notorious YouTuber RiceGum to release her own diss track. They released the official video for the song on June 28 on RiceGum’s channel. The video titled Its EveryNight Sis has garnered over 36 million views in under a month.

Is Jake Paul dating Tessa Brooks?

Was #Jallisa Real??

Both Jake and Alissa grew up in Ohio and moved to Los Angeles together in 2014. The Viner said, “Alissa and I never dated. She’s still under contract with Team 10 and lives in the Team 10 house with me and the other members. My brother made a YouTube video joking around saying that he was dating her, so that’s probably where the info comes from.” 

Jake Paul and Alissa Violet crouching on the floor, there's a life size teddy bear between them and Alissa is kissing it

According to Logan Paul (Jake’s brother), Jake and Alissa hooked up but insisted that it was years ago in Ohio.

The rumor became a reality when both took to Twitter to expose their unfaithfulness.

Who was unfaithful?? Alissa?? Or Jake??

In recent news, it was revealed that Jake was not only Alissa’s boyfriend but her manager too. Jake Paul reportedly released Alissa Violet from his management “Team 10” because she was caught sleeping with his brother Logan.

Jake Paul holding Alissa Violet in her arms

Jake claimed she had been sneaking out of the house and staying at Logan’s while sleeping with him. It all became worse when both of them dragged their feud to social media.

Jake came out about the break-up with Alissa Violet through a live video. 

Jake started: “Alissa and I are having problems. I’ve been asking her to move out for the longest time, and she hasn’t done it. And she technically doesn’t live here. It’s technically my house. And, like, I can’t stand her face anymore, she’s hurt my feelings and stuff like that.”

“I’m guessing she’s going to make up a ton of stuff. I’m predicting it before it happens. She says she’s going to try and ruin my life”, the YouTuber continued.

A Snapchat post by Alissa followed the live video. In the post, Alissa said, “He threw all my stuff downstairs and put a lock on the door. Apparently, I don’t live here anymore. My stuff’s, like, gone.” She then posted a tweet that started the commotion.

Twitter Drama

After the accusation of throwing Violet’s belongings downstairs, Paul tweeted and stated his dissatisfaction. He tweeted: “Predicted this is what she’d do. Jalissa WAS real. The problem is she cheated on me. I am the victim, not her. Jpaulers ily.”

Alissa Violet first tweet from her Twitter rant about Jake Paul

“And she cheated on me with someone that was very close to me… which is why it hurts so bad”, continued the star.

“How could Jallisa be real when he had girl after girl over every single night in front of me?” Alissa responded on her Twitter, accusing Jake of being the unfaithful one.

Alissa Violet tweet about #Jalissa

Jake stood back and watched Alissa post a picture on her Twitter, which held the caption “The Truth.”

Alissa Violet note from her phone that she posted to Twitter

“Literally, everyone knew how he treated me. All our friends knew how to mean he was and treated me like property for his company,” the tweets continued on Alissa’s account. “He told me every day we weren’t dating and didn’t want to be with me. The fact that he thinks I “cheated” is absolutely hilarious to me,” she added.

Surprisingly, Jake’s reply turned the whole conversation. He posted: “I think she is super talented and means well deep down, however I can’t have her in my space after having my heart broken. We will work it out.”

Jake Paul tweet about Alissa Violet

Jake even offered Alissa to stay friends by tweeting: “Let’s stop tweeting each other when we’re in the same house @AlissaViolet Regardless, you will always be a friend” Alissa rejected the offer. She posted: “Lol, you’re kicking me out and telling everyone I cheated.. Please tell me how we’re still “friends” after this.”

A message image followed the tweet.

“Jake releasing new Jalissa merch and it’s a picture of me crying with “Jalissa” crossed out. I feel so disrespected right now,” tweeted the model/actress.

Jake Paul and Tessa Brooks dating rumors

Jake Paul with his arm around girlfriend Tessa Brooks

It has not been long since the breakup with Alissa, and Jake has already started linking with someone else. There are rumors that he is dating dancer/actress Tessa Brooks. 

Brooks recently posted a picture on Instagram with Jake Paul captioned “Us on Instagram Vs Us in real life.” Fans went crazy after the post. Some were even angry with Jake for his problems with Alissa Violet. Jake and Tessa haven’t gone public, though.

Did Jake Paul Marry Erika Costell?

Is #Jerica real? On June 21, Costell posted a photo of her with Team 10 leader Paul on Instagram. And in the caption, she wrote, “We got married in Vegas…”

Jake Paul shirtless, lovingly touching heads with girlfriend Erika Costll