After leaving Deadliest Catch in 2012, Jake Harris has been making the headlines for the wrong reasons. More recently, he has pleaded not guilty to four charges in Monroe Municipal Court.

Jake Harris and his Run-in With Law

Jake Harris was reportedly caught at Walmart on December 14 after trying to make a fraudulent return. Video footage showed Harris and his friend walking into the store with nothing, but Harris allegedly picked up a $70 car-top bag and tried to get cash to return the item. After the suspicious transaction, the team member asked for Harris’ identity, but he refused.

Jake Harris is sitting in a chair inside a room. He is looking straight at the camera. He is wearing a grey hoodie and a cap.

Later, when Monroe Police officer, Nathan Erdmann, met them, Harris’ friend was found with an arrest warrant and was taken into custody. When Harris was asked to show what he had in his pockets, the police allegedly found heroin and a set of illegal metal knuckles.

That was not the end. Further, when police went on to inspect Harris’ pickup, they allegedly found a meth pipe in the truck bed. His car was towed when he reportedly refused to give consent to search the rest of the vehicle. While investigating further, police found more paraphernalia, per court documents. Later, his driver’s license was suspended when they watched the video footage, which allegedly showed Harris driving the pickup.

Harris Mugged?

Harris faces three gross misdemeanors, which include criminal trespassing, attempted theft and driving with a suspended license, and one misdemeanor, use of drug paraphernalia. The bond was set at $7,500, and he was charged $50 for the warrant fee. As revealed in the court documents, the warrant was served on July 22, and he posted bail on July 30.

Jake Harris is lying in the hospital bed with a smile on his face. His brother, Josh Harris is on his right side. The picture was taken while Jake was recovering after he was severely beaten and robbed and admitted to ICU.

His run-in with the law started in 2010 when he was charged with DUI following his father’s death, Phil Harris. He was robbed, severely beaten and left unconscious by a couple in Everett in 2016, and the attackers were later arrested in Spokane. In April 2017, he was arrested in Phoenix for allegedly stealing his then-girlfriend’s car and for drug possession.


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