Naya Rivera amazingly lost her post-pregnancy weight in just a few months. Naya, with her husband Ryan Dorsey, welcomed a baby boy in September2015. She surprised her fans by losing 60 pounds in just 3 months as she flaunted her slim figure.

Couple’s happiness had no bound experiencing the parenthood for the first time

Naya, the gorgeous 29 years old actress tied the knot with Ryan Dorsey on July 19 of 2014, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Dorsey is a TV actor, who made his debut with Big Father. He had made several appearances on Parks and Recreation , Southland, etc.

After a year of a romantic marital affair, the couple experienced the joy of parenthood for the first time as they welcomed their baby boy Josey. The couple's happiness had no limit as Josey entered into their world.

Naya wrote a blog expressing the moments of happiness when she first saw her newborn baby boy.

She wrote “Seeing Josey for the first time literally took my breath away. Really, I gasped! It was such a surreal moment to be face to face with my son.”

Naya Rivera’s amazing transformation after giving birth to her son

Naya had put on a lot a weight after delivering her child but she surprised all her fans by losing a significant weight of 60 pounds in just a few months. She made a deal with herself after pregnancy to get back into her previous hot shape and made a plan accordingly to turn her dream into reality.

She told to May issue of Fit Pregnancy and Baby, “Weight wasn’t something I wanted to focus on, so I ate anything and everything and had a blast.”

After having a healthy pregnancy, she was completely concerned about her figure. She expressed her achievement of the weight loss twitting “saying 4lbs away from my goal weight”.

Nothing good comes easy; Rivera's strict diet plans have proved it.

She cut off all the sugar added snacks and ate only healthy foods. With the help of regular gym and attending spinning classes, she successfully got her alluring figure back. Now, she looks even hotter than before.

With hard work and lots of efforts, Naya has certainly got back her gorgeous shape which she missed after pregnancy. The beautiful lady, Naya Rivera's life has been enchanted by her loving husband Ryan Dorsey and her boy, Josey.