Craig Sheffer, who stands at the height of 6’ 2’’, has gained quite some popularity for his looks, physique and many of his shirtless performances. He also happens to be a two-times cancer survivor.

Craig Sheffer’s killer looks have been stealing hearts since forever.

Appearance wise, Craig has been blessed with his looks. The actor has been stealing hearts since the very beginning of his career, in movies such as That Was Then, This Is Now, Some Kind of Wonderful, and Fire With Fire.

His stunning performances have been the perfect compliment to his killer looks. After all, it is quite natural to fall for that muscular body, toned abs, dark brown hair and eyes.

Even in his late fifties, Craig is certainly the perfect example of ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ who has managed to seduce his fans to a certain extent. His sexiness is packed and overloaded in all of his movies and women have gone crazy over his shirtless performances, especially in 1994’s Sleep With Me and 1997’s Bliss.

Considering how well Craig fits the ideal type of many women, it comes as no surprise that Craig has such a huge fan base who adore him to bits. He would surely have a huge number of followers if only he had been active on social media.

Not only the 90s, but Craig’s shirtless performances also rocked the late 80s. Here’s the trailer for 1986’s Fire With Fire.

Craig Sheffer, a cancer survivor, has beaten cancer twice.

Although Craig’s appearance and skills have worked its charm, the actor was reported to have suffered from cancer not too long ago.

Craig was rumored to have suffered from cancer when he was young. Luckily, he did recover at the time. However, Craig was once again diagnosed with cancer back in 1990 because of which he took some time off.

Meanwhile, he travelled around Europe and India and returned back after a recovery. Additionally, in 1985, Craig was said to have suffered from a nervous breakdown and locked himself in his home for several months.

Despite all the hardships, Craig never failed to overcome them. Instead, he is an inspiration to others.

To quote him, Craig said that ‘its really easy to look at what’s out there and get discouraged… Focus on making you the best you can be as an actor and follow your own path. You can’t compare an apple to an orange. It will cause a lot of self-esteem issues.’

Cancer survivor, Craig is presently in his late fifties and still going strong. The talented actor, with a height of 6’2”, has been continuing his journey as an actor by appearing in a series of television dramas and movies. We’re hoping Craig Sheffer goes shirtless soon!