Because of her inter-racial relationship, Steele had one embarrassment moment in her life when she went outing with her baby. Two middle-aged women approached her and asked if she was the nanny! She remembered it was in June 2002, when those words turned her speechless and teary-eyed.

She has also dealt with this kind of discrimination in her early career. She knows all the hatred she has received in her twenty-one years of career. Nevertheless, she always kept faith in herself and now she is at the top of the broadcasting world.

Haters gonna hate but she has always been supported by her spouse and kids

Since Jonathan is a home-stay-dad, Steele feels easier to handle her personal life and professional life. Jonathan stays at home and looks after kids.

Besides those few embarrassing moments, the host of NBA Countdown on ESPN and ABC, Sage Steele is getting a good company of her husband, Jonathan’s, and, side by side, of her three lovely kids.

No matter how hard the situation was, her family was always there by her side to motivate her. Her former trainer husband, Jonathan, has also been a great help for her in raising her three kids.

Sage Steele married Jonathan Bailey in 1999. They have a family of five including their three kids. Sage, a host of ESPN’s NBA Countdown, has two daughters, Quinn and Evan, also, a son, Nicholas.

Oreo Milkshakes on a school night. Getting crazy.

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After every dark night there’s a bright morning

She has earned fame for being the co-host of Sports Center, ESPN’s flagship show. She has been employed at ESPN in the beginning of 2007. At first, she worked on ET version of Sports Center.

Being a bi-racial woman, Sage Steele had to face many embarrassing and uncomfortable moments on her way. Steele said that after being a parent, she learned to tackle with uncomfortable situations gracefully.

She has tied a knot with a guy who doesn’ t belong to her race. Sage Steele’s husband is white, whereas Steele is half white. And, all of her three children have got very light complexions. After 6 years of being in a relationship, Sage, and Jonathan decided to get married.

They have been married since 1999. Steele gave birth to their three wonderful children and has made her own sweet family.

Still don’t love the whole 3D movie thing but when it rains on the Cape……..

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