Hayes Grier met a terrible dirt bike accident in late July, causing a trauma in his family. He suffered broken ribs, concussions, and skin laceration. Here are some facts about the Viner such as his birthday and height.

Hayes is ayounger brother of another popular Youtuber Nash Grier. If you haven’t watched the two brothers yet, do so. Their videos are definitely going to make your day!

Hayes Grier’s fractured ribs and skin lacerations caused a huge trauma to his family and fans

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Hayes met the traumatic accident on 28th July. He was immediately taken to a local hospital which luckily ensured his quick recovery. The internet star suffered bruises on his lungs, ribs and face. He was admitted in the hospital until July 30.

Hayes’s older brother, Nash informed their fans that Hayes had been in a terrible accident. Nash also asked for prayers "Just got a call on set that said Hayes was in a crash. He's now in the hospital… #PrayForHayes." 168,000 tweets followed Nash’s prayer for Hayes’s health.

hey guys, we're good

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The popular Vine star, also the participant of Dancing with the Stars, was scheduled to star in his own “unscripted comedy series”, the Top Grier. It is understandable why Hayes’s family was worried – the 16-year-old star had a show lined up! Bruises all over the face would certainly not shape a very good first impression.

Hayes Grier has made an speedy recovery and is out and about: pulling his brother’s leg and publishing funny vines

Hayes’s passion and enthusiasm for his Vine activities did not die after meeting a concussion and temporarily being in “lot of pain”. On 1st August, Hayes informed his 3.58 followers that he is ready to be back.

Even with a bruise on face and bandages all around his stomach, he was ready! Extraordinary commitment to his work at so early an age!

Hayes and Nash are popular Vine and YouTube stars. Together, the Grier brothers have 16 million subscribers in Vine. Some of the trending vines by the brothers were of them pulling each other’s legs while still finding a way to live in the same house. Hayes has 862,000 followers on his relatively new YouTube channel – it has seven short videos so far.

Hayes was born on June 8, 2000, as Benjamin Hayes Grier. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 70 kg. The 16-year-old is hopeful that he would be taller than his brother Nash in the days to come. Hayes and Nash have had all those sibling conversations about who looks taller and hence good-looking.

His eyes are blue and he loves adventures and reading books. He is a member of the Viners group, Magcon, with whom he does appearances and tours.

We pray that Hayes will be more careful in the days to come. Hope that Hayes Grier has learnt his lessons from this traumatic accident.