Andrea Arnold is a famous personality in the entertainment industry who is best known for writing and directing the Oscar-winning short movie Wasp. She is a former actress and television presenter who worked in children shows during her early years in the industry.

An English filmmaker, Andrea is a native of Dartford, Kent. She was born on 5 April 1961 to teen parents. She has three younger siblings. 

Andrea was very young when her parents separated, following which she and her siblings were solely raised by her mother. Growing up in a working-class family watching her mother struggle to raise four kids influenced her to write dark stories since she was a young girl. One of such stories is a piece she wrote when she was 10 which expressed her horror of the slave trade.

At the age of 16, Andrea dropped out from high school to pursue a career in acting. A couple of years later, she made her debut from the television show Top of the Pops

Andrea made her television breakthrough in the 80s by appearing as an actress and presenter of children’s television show No. 73 on ITV, alongside Sandi Toksvig, Neil Buchanan, and Nick Staverson. 

Following her rise to prominence, she gained notable attention as the presenter of another kid’s show called Motormouth and teens’ show called A Beetle Called Derek.

After working for 10 years as an actress and host in the television industry, Andrea turned to focus on story writing and debuted as a filmmaker in 1998 from the short film Milk. In her later career, she has written and directed various short and mainstream films, along with a British-American film American Honey