Dedicated from her the early days, she has kissed the horizon of success through her willpower and proved that impossible can be defined false if one has self-determined to reach the height. 

Harris Faulkner began her professional career working as a Freelance Business article writer for LA Weekly. Following that, she kicked off her television career working as an intern for KCOP-TV in Los Angeles. With KCOP-TV she assembled knowledge and experience and which would prove vital in her rise to fame. After a  successful internship, she made her debut as a reporter and an anchor with WNCT-TV.

Afterward, she served for various organisations, accumulating fame along with applauds and appreciations, before rising to fame. Her decorated CV includes collaboration with Kansas City’s WDAF-TV (1992-2000), KSTP-TV in Minneapolis till July 2004. In 2005, she briefly served as a correspondent of the revival of TV series A Current Affair, before rising to fame as Fox Network associate. Undoubtedly, Faulkner has amassed good fortune from her career. Though exact figure of her salary or her net worth has not been mentioned yet, reports claim that she has a net worth of around $4 millions.  

In her illustrious career, Faulkner has bagged six Emmy awards including the 2005 Emmy for Best Newscaster and Best News Special. Her first came in Minneapolis where she won an Emmy for Best Local Anchor.  Faulkner has an un-erasable mark in the journalism industry. In 2015, a toy company, Hasbro, used Faulkner’s name and outlooking features for producing a toy hamster. She claimed that she suffered “substantial commercial & emotional damage”, as the company manufactured the toy alike her. Reportedly, the toy’s complexion and eyes’ shape & make-up matched to the newscaster’s to the great extent. Later the news anchor sued the company for 5 million dollars for their actions.