Grace Phipps, professionally, is a Texas-born actress widely recognised for her roles in the sequel of the comedy Teen Beach Movie and the television series The Vampire Diaries. Reportedly, Phipps is also a singer and a dancer.

Grace Phipps Mini Bio

Born on May 4, 1992, Grace Phipps was raised in Austin of Texas. She went to Robert E. Lee High School to graduate in Musical Theatre. Now, she is doing her undergraduate studies at Columbia University, an ivy league university.

After her graduation from her high school, Grace moved to the Hollywood city, Los Angeles, to pursue a career in her passion for acting. After some initial ups and downs, Grace got a role in the remake of the horror film Fright Night, which was produced by the DreamWorks. Working with DreamWorks was indeed a great opportunity for her to start with.

In 2012, she started with the television thriller series The Vampire Diaries. It has been revealed that she will still be there in the upcoming seasons of the series after her widely admired performances in the last episode. In 2013, Grace Phipps starred in the comedy movie Teen Beach Movie. Later, the second part of the movie also signed her as the lead role in 2015.

Grace also appeared in the 2015 movie Some Kind of Hate and the 2015 TV comedy series Scream Queens.

Talking about her music career, Phipps entered into the music world with feature songs in the soundtracks of 2013 film Teen Beach Movie. Her single Cruisin' for a Bruisin hit the top 100 Billboard Chart in the United States. In 2015, Phipps again got the chance to feature in some of the soundtracks of Teen Beach Movie 2.

Family and Personal Life

Grace Phipps was born to Kate and Gil Phipps. Her younger brother Liam Phipps is just a teenager.

Once Grace Phipps was rumoured to be going out with Garrett Clayton, the co-star from Teen Beach Movies. However, it seems the rumours were false as no evidence or no confirmation has been received yet.

Associated With

Grace Phipps enjoyed a victory in Las Casas Performing Arts Scholarship Competition 2010. The 24 years’ old has a big part of her acting and musical career still to knock on her door. So, the fans are obviously expecting better performances in the future, getting her the hold of various national and international rewards.

Grace Phipps has 830k followers on Instagram and 132k followers on Twitter.