Discovery’s Gold Rush wrapped its eighth season on March 9, 2018, and there’s been no official announcement of the ninth season premiere date yet. At the end of the season, young gun Parker Schnabel chased a record-breaking $7.2 million season total, but one veteran miner came up with a decision to exit.

When is season 9 premiering?

Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, Todd Hoffman and Jack Hoffman in a promotional image of Gold Rush

After nine years in the show, Todd Hoffman announced his departure in February 2018 on Gold Rush: Live and his farewell episode aired on March 16. You might have known that Rick Ness will be the new mine boss of 316 Mining and he will show up with his crew in season 9.

Todd Hoffman is Leaving Gold Rush! What Will He Do Next?

Presumably, other two mines bosses appearing are Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets.

Todd, who is currently busy in his ZUM media projects, has recently released his video game, Planet Gold Rush. As per the normal schedule, the new season should premiere sometime in October and there’ve been reports that the date is October 12.

When the new season premiers, it will be interesting to watch how Parker’s former foreman will keep up with the challenges.

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