Todd Hoffman has left a major role in the Discovery Channel’s top-rated show, Gold Rush. Fans criticized Hoffman for being less competitive than his fellow prospectors, but there’s no denying his theatrics will be greatly missed in season 9. Rick Ness, on the other struggles in Season 9.

Rick Ness is Risking Everything!

Now, he is out of the Gold Rush family to pursue other interests, and Rick Ness has gotten a promotion to lead a new crew. Ness worked as a sidekick of a youthful mine boss, Parker Schnabel, for six years and developed the skills of gold mining. In the Gold Rush season 9 premiere, we will hear about some of the difficulties Ness faced, including his mother’s illness and ultimate death.

Rick Ness holding two jars full of gold near his face. Rich has set up a Gold Rush record for most gold hauled in by a rookie mine boss in his first year. The excavator and rock truck operator is currently starring in the 10th season of the show.

Where is Todd Hoffman after leaving Gold Rush? Video Game Planet Gold Rush

He has sunk every penny he had while leasing the claim, which his father, a construction company owner, refers to as a “humongous gamble.” He makes his crew with a handful of his old buddies from his hometown Milwaukee, who have joined him in the hunt for gold despite knowing nothing about mining. Though Rick holds experience in mining, he realizes the challenges he has to face with an inexperienced crew.

“I underestimated a lot of things. There’s a whole business side I was not prepared for. I had my predictions about who would fare the best and the worst, and I got it completely wrong. Mixing friendship and business doesn’t always work out.”

Gold Rush Season 9: Tony Beets’ Master Plan to Beat Parker Schnabel

legendary miner Freddy Dodge Joined Rick Ness

Freddy Dodge from Hoffman’s crew joined Rick Ness. Furthermore, Hoffman took retirement. While Rick struggles to get his operation up, about 10 miles away at the adjacent claims of Schnabel and Tony Beets, there’s a land war going on.

Rick Ness posing for a picture holding crab leg like he is going too eat it. Gold Rush Season star Rick Ness wanted to be a footballer. Now Rick has his own crew and holds the record for most gold hauled in by a rookie mine boss in the first year.

The relationship between former allies has gotten quite rocky recently because of a bitter dispute over the royalty that Parker must pay to mine Tony’s land. Ness, struggling to achieve the American dream, says, “Gold is money, gold is freedom. It’s crazy that it’s just there in the ground, but the reality is you’ve gotta move mountains to get it.”

Gold Rush Season 9 premieres with a two-hour episode at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12. Christo Doyle returned to host the pre-show, Gold Rush: The Dirt, at 8 p.m. There Dozer Dave and Matt Rogers joined Doyle.

Gold Rush Season 9: Freddy Dodge with Rick Ness! Parker’s Challenges!


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