There’s no denying that Gold Rush season 9 is the most awaited one with not one but several interesting twists on the way! From Todd Hoffman’s retirement to Rick Ness’s own claim and rivalry between Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel, the new season has a lot to offer to fans.

Who are teaming up?

While Rick Ness is enduring the challenges of running his crew, Parker seems to be suffering the loss of his foreman to great extent. Parker’s leadership skills have not only earned him a huge fanbase, but his harsh behavior has led to the clash with his crew members. Gene Cheeseman was the first man, who played an important role in Parker crew working by his side.

Rick and Freddy shaking hand

Mitch Blaschke, a mechanic from Oregon, joined Gold Rush as a part of Hoffman crew in season 3 and later moved to Parker’s crew in season 5. And now, while Rick Ness is gone, fans are speculating that Mitch, who is the head mechanic of Parker’s crew, might be his foreman too. In addition to that, Brennan Ruault, who worked with Parker last season may be working by his side as a foreman. At least, fans are speculating that. In the past, when Rick had to step out due to the illness of his mother, Brennan filled in his place for about two weeks. Well, these are just speculations. We will get to know who’s actually taking the place of Rick when the new season premiers.

Gold Rush Season 9 Surprises: Who’s returning? The Dirt!

Fans are also quite curious about the enthusiastic miner Freddy Dodge, who used to be playing a pivotal role in Hoffman crew. You may be surprised to know that Dodge has stepped up to work with a new mine boss, Rick, as 316 Mining is no more. An insider has claimed that Dodge was spotted with Karla Ann, a member of Rick’s crew. It’s yet to be known either he showed up to help Rick with some problems or is with him for the whole season. Now, all we can do is wait and watch the thrilling adventures on our screens, when Gold Rush returns on October 12.

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