It seems like Discovery is going together on a road with Brown family for a few more seasons. A fan favorite reality show, Alaskan Bush People, has been renewed for the ninth season after a turbulent season 8, which will be wrapped on Oct 20.

Season 9 Confirmed!

Brown Family posong for the cover of the Alaskan Bush People

An insider has claimed that the troubled son, Matt Brown’s rehab journey will be a focus of the upcoming season. He recently headed rehab for the second time and fans are interested to see if he will be able to overcome his alcohol addiction battle. Matt checked into rehab for the first time in 2016 after being arrested for driving under the influence in Juneau, Alaska. He maintained his sobriety until last year when he turned to alcohol once again to cope with his mother’s health crisis.

Alaskan Bush People Star Matt Brown has Entered Rehab For the Second Time!

Ami, who has miraculously beaten cancer, said on her son’s second rehab stint, “He was so strong for me and I want to be strong for him.” Likewise, Brown family patriarch, Billy also said that they will support their child through this distress keeping him away for a while, rather than losing him forever. Not only the Browns, but the whole fans are praying for Matt’s wellness. Get well soon, Matt! How excited are you for Alaskan Bush People season 9?

Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown battling mental struggles!


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