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5 Behind the scene secrets of Gas Monkey Garage that fans need to know

Fast N’ Loud is undeniably one of the best reality car shows out there. The show is based on Gas Monkey Garage, located in Dallas, Texas, and owned by Richard Rawlings. He might not have imagined that his passion for cars, which had isolated him from his mates in his school days, has now made him a household name.

The true car guy now has customers from across the globe in his shop, where his crew members, referred to as “Gas Monkeys,” work to remodel and transform wrecked cars into brand new condition. Ever since Fast N’ Loud started documenting the works at GMG, Rawlings’ fame and success have grown overnight. However, it’s not all fun on wheels.

Over time, the Monkeys would reportedly squabble among themselves, feud with other shows, and make various sudden staff changes. Through on-set coaching, weird guidelines for the cast or just straight-up deceptive editing, the viewers only get what the producers provide to them on the screen. So, there may be a lot more happening behind the scenes. Here are five lesser known facts about the Gas Monkey Garage that you may not know, but must.

Spin-Off With Fired Employees

Jordan Butler and Tom Smith are sitting on the sand

One thing Gas Monkey Garage has been notoriously famous for is how they let go of their employees, Jordan Butler and Tom Smith. However, being fired from the garage wasn’t the end of the duo’s career. The pair went on to appear on the Fast N’ Loud spin-off, Misfit Garage, which has the same basic car-flipping premise, but with way less Richard Rawlings. With a much lighter tone than Fast N’ Loud, Misfit Garage didn’t really pick up enough ratings to be considered a must see reality TV show.

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Worst Ad of all time

Richard Rawlings and his GMG guys alongside classic blue car

Richard Rawlings and his CGI monkey buddy paired up together for the "Dodge Law” ad which has been considered one of the worst ads ever. The idea is that Richard Rawlings and his CGI pal are partners enforcing “Dodge Law”, which means the brand is not just for men but for “real men.” This is because Dodge is a macho brand that makes masculine cars. The ad spiralled negative influence on society and was deemed a very sexist one too.

Gas Monkey Garage's Richard Rawlings and wife Suzanne Rawlings going strong!

Much Involvement of Computer

Richard Rawlings sitting in front of computer

A Shart Cat’s transmission trouble was one of the most serious ones that the team had to face in the garage. The trouble was with the computer system on the engine. We saw the team bringing in a guy from diagnostic company, HP Tuners, and then a group from automotive electronics company, Diablosport. The impression to the viewers is that after only one late night shift, everything suddenly worked. The electronics team’s efforts cover about two minutes of screen time, but actually they put 2 days to complete the task. Apparently, it is not exciting enough for TV.

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Giveaway video controversy

Richards Rawlings and the GMG team standing near to a green colored car

Once an offending photo with a promotional video attached was posted on the internet, it didn’t go well, instead triggered outrage among fans. The idea behind the post was to do a giveaway, but as evidenced in nearly 300 replies to the post, so many people assumed that as a cynical plug for the Gas Monkey brand instead of an actual call for good doing. The main reason why people were enraged was because the video featured Rawlings and his crew being quite embarrassing as they were wearing sunglasses indoors, doing welding without proper protection, and peeing in public. Finally, due to heavy criticism from the community, SEMA decided to pull off the support and the giveaway was off. 

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Creative frustration

Richard Rawlings with his then-partner Aaron Kaufman

Aaron Kaufman was more of the creative force whose ideas transformed the junkers into sellable rides in the show. Fans were surprised when he left the show unexpectedly in the fall of 2016. However, they were less shocked when he cited some professional and personal differences as the reason for his decision to quit. Fans believe that he decided to walk away because he felt that the TV format was stifling his creativity. The bearded wonder said in an interview, 

I wanted to build cars that were big or bigger and then TV needed cars that were much smaller than that,

After leaving Gas Monkey, he started off his own venture, Arclight Fab, where he specializes on F-100 trucks and has got his own show, Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman, which premiered in March 2018, on Discovery.

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