Updated: 06/11/2018 08:43 AM | First Published: 06/11/2018 08:36 AM

5 mind-blowing facts about Frasier you did not know


When we think of iconic 90’s sitcoms, there’s a whole bunch of it. But at the top of that list has to be Frasier.

Frasier was a spin-off of the 80’s sitcom Cheers based on the character of Frasier Crane, its main protagonist.

The long-running show which entertained viewers for over a decade continues to gather a cult following even after its closing in 2004.

In this list, we have gathered five mind-blowing facts about the hit-sitcom and its cast.

5. Lisa Kudrow for Roz

Future Friends star Lisa Kudrow was originally cast to play the part of Roz Doyle, Frasier Crane’s producer in the show.

But prior to filming the pilot, the producers realized Kudrow did not fit the female “alpha dog” image they had in mind for Roz’s character.

She would eventually be replaced by Peri Gilpin who became a mainstay on the show.

4. Daphne’s Accent

Daphne’s accent was one of the qualities that made her character so memorable. 

However, Jane Leeves (who played the role) worked with a vocal coach to attain that accent.

Apparently, Daphne’s character was from Manchester but since Jane grew up in the northern side of London, she had to force a Mancunian accent in Daphne.

3. Like father, like son

Eddie, played by a Parson Russell Terrier named Moose, was one of the highlight characters of the show.

Moose retired at the age of 10 and the showmakers needed to find a replacement to play the role of Eddie.

He would be replaced by his son Enzo who took over the role in the show’s last four seasons.

2. No need for rehearsals

Frasier Crane delivered the wittiest lines and the best psychiatric advice on the show.

So it might come as shocking to many that Kelsey Grammer, the man behind Frasier, rehearsed his scenes only once before slipping into character on set.

The Emmy award winning actor also waited until the last moment of the shoot to learn his lines. 

1. Nothing to do with Frasier Crane

The original idea for the show was for Kelsey to play a paralyzed media mogul instead of the radio psychiatrist that we all love.

The idea was brought in because Kelsey and the creative team thought continuing the Frasier persona would draw comparisons to its parent show Cheers.

However, Paramount detested the idea. And persuaded the team to capitalize on the built-in Cheers audience by going forward with Frasier’s character.