For some strange reason, people all around the world are obsessed with royal weddings in Britain.

The nuptials where American actress Meghan Markle tied the knot with Prince Harry last May was no different.

The marriage ceremony was especially a life-changing event for Meghan, who now has to live a completely altered lifestyle.

Here are five things she has to do now that she’s a part of the British Royal family:

Say No to politics

Being a part of Royal family, Meghan is restricted from participating in politics and raising a strong voice on social and racial issues.

She is also not allowed to vote, and discuss her political philosophy in public.

Bye Bye Hollywood

Markle must end her successful acting career, and active participation in Hollywood industry to focus on royal pursuits.

In fact, She showed commitment to royal life by deleting her lifestyle blog entitled ‘The Tig”.

After being part of royal family, she is also actively involved in charity and  other philanthropic works.

Death of social media

She can no more use social media,like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter  to share her moments and opinions to the public.

In fact, Kensington Palace released a statement in January saying that Markle has decided to close down her social media accounts.

Learn to eat

She has to familiarize herself with British dining etiquette for different occasions.

Meghan must also learn to sit and hold different eating tools while having a diner.

For instance, the royal family holds knives in their right hand and forks in their left with the tines facing down.

The “Duchess Slant”

The “Duchess slant” is a royal sitting posture where the knees are slanted and the legs are angled- so that it appears more modest and sophisticated.

She is expected to master the posture and was seen already owning it during the recent edition of The Royal Foundation.