Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano wife-less status sparked gay rumors. Why is he not getting married?

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Andrew Napolitano turned 66 this year but hasn’t married anyone yet. Andrew has stayed a bachelor all his young and vibrant life. That’s why he has been the center of attraction for many gossip reporters. Is he gay?

Or is he not just interested in a husband-wife life? Moreover, people are increasingly excited to know the reason behind his desire to stay unmarried.

Andrew Napolitano isn't gay, according to the evidences so far

According to some of the reports published in the past, Andrew was in a close friendship with James C. Sheil. James died in 2013.

That’s why Andrew quotes on his book Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty – “…my happy dreams turned dark last year when Jim Sheil, my alter ego to whose memory this book is dedicated, died suddenly on March 19th, 2013, as we were working on this book. Jim and I shared much of our lives with each other. Among that which we shared was a love of the printed word.”

This excerpt could give some hints on his closeness to James. But it doesn’t exactly point towards his orientation, does it? Thus, we can’t be sure that Andrew is a gay man.

Besides, in the past, Andrew has been out with lots of women. However, none of the relationships worked out well. Likewise, he was rumored to be in an affair with Janet Napolitano. This rumor was also waved off.

Andrew Napolitano is married to his work life

Andrew Napolitano probably has some personal reasons for not marrying yet. The reasons could be: he might be covertly gay, he hasn’t found the woman yet or he is too busy with the work life.

As already mentioned, he is very unlikely to come out as gay. At the same time, it’s true that he hasn’t yet found anyone who he would want to live with happily ever after.

Now, the most likely reason is his work. It seems Andrew is married to his work since the last four decades. He has been one of the best and most famous lawyers, judges and television personalities – whatever you call him. In the very short period of time, Andrew shone bright into the world of journalism and judiciary.

Andrew hasn't been public with any of his relationships. So, it’s reasonable to say he might be gay. However, it seems that Andrew Napolitano is not married because he is more dedicated to his work life.

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