Duff Goldman, the owner of Charm City Cakes, has amassed a huge net worth of $5 million. The major part of his fortune comes from his bakeries, varieties of baking shows and books.

Charm City Cakes and varieties of TV shows are sources of Duff Goldman’s income.

Duff Goldman runs many famous bakeries, Charm City Cakes, founded in Baltimore in 2002, has had its branch in Los Angeles since 2011. Charm City Cakes, well known for its unusual cakes, has served celebrity customers ranging from Hillary Clinton to Alice Cooper. He had made a cake for President Obama’s 2nd inaugural ball in 2013 and Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ video.


Duff Goldman was holding a tray full of baked goodness
Duff Goldman was holding a tray full of baked goodness. Source: Instagram

With his crew, he has baked unusual cakes, including;

  • a smoking volcano
  • 3-D German Shepherd
  • Edible Wrigley Field
  • Hogwarts castle for the premiere of the 5th Harry Potter film
  • A jeep, a motorcycle
  • A real life-sized baby elephant
  • Elvis Presley in the form of three feet buttercream sculpture

He has screened his daily operations of Charm City Cakes on the show Ace of Cakes on Food Network from 2006 to 2011. The show, which ran for ten seasons, mostly focused on constructing cakes, working with vendors, tasting with customers and delivering products.

Duff currently appears as a host and judge alongside Valerie Bertinelli on Kids Baking Championship on Food Network since February 2015. The show has already aired for three seasons. He has served on the judging panel on various shows like Spring Baking Championship, Halloween Baking Championship, and Holiday Baking Championship.

Duff Goldman with Valerie Bertinelli and 10 kids's competitors during Kids Baking Championship season 2

He hosted the after-hours cooking competition Duff Till Dawn on Food Network. The cake ace invited professional bakers into his bakery for the show, which has now been canceled. In each episode, two teams of cake decorators test their skills and creativity in challenges.


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Walmart sells Duff Goldman cake mixes.

Duff regularly appears on various cooking shows on Food Network, where he demonstrates his famous recipes. One can find his most popular recipes for Blueberry Cake Doughnuts, Chocolate Cake with American Buttercream Frosting, Slightly Adapted Mamo’s Potato Pancakes, Grilled Sausage with Spicy Sauce, Mamo’s Apple Strudel, Duff’s Black and White Cookie, Southern Red Velvet Cake and many more on foodnetwork.com.

Duff Goldman holding the plates of cakes on his both hands

Goldman has also shared his recipes for his popular fat and chewy chocolate chip cookies and deep-dish pizza muffins. Similarly, Duff guides his fans with an easy and quick method of baking delicious. Moreover, Duff suggests to people very common baking mistakes. He says that the oven’s temperature should be maintained at 20°C and avoid even the tiniest smidge of grease and water residue on the meringue mix.

In 2009, he, along with brother Willie Goldman, released a book entitled Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes through HarperCollins/William Morrow. A book provides an exhaustive look at both the show and the bakery.

Cover of Aces of Cakes' Duff Goldman's book 'Duff Bakes'

Additionally, on November 4, 2014, he released a cookbook, Duff Bakes. Furthermore, which includes a total of 135 recipes! It holds the nutter butter cookies, apple streusel muffins, white chocolate blondies, cereal bars, bacon jalapeno biscuits, zucchini lemon cake, banana bourbon cream pie, savory bread pudding and many more. 

Goldman popular cake mixes like Tie-Dye Premium Cake Mix, Purple Rain Premium Cake Mix, White Creamy Frosting, Camouflage Premium Cake Mix and others are sold and shipped by Walmart. Duff has opened a baking training studio called Duff’s Cakemix. Moreover, which provides decorating tools, embellishments and expert guidance to the interested people. Besides, it is located at 8302 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.

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