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There may be very less Food Network viewers, who won’t recognize Ace of Cakes’ Duff Goldman. Addressed as the best cake makers in the global level, Goldman excels in straining imaginations into the pieces of pastry arts. 

Duff brought his unique style of baking into a Food Network audiences as host of hit food show called Ace of Cakes. He had a short-lived show called Sugar High in 2011, in which he traveled across American states stationing by Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia to learn unique recipes from the top dessert destinations. 

Quick Facts About Duff Goldman

Name Duff Goldman
Profession Chef
Gender Male
Birthday December 17, 1974
Age 42 Years Old
Star Sign Capricorn

When his dream of slaying on the guitar in a rock band couldn’t broaden the horizon of his vision, he started exploring his talents as a classically trained pastry chef & mental craftsman. Afterward, launching a small venture named Charm City Cakes, he gradually grew up to became a globally recognized personality noted for his unusual creations in the form of cake like replica of Stanley Cup, Hogwarts Castle for Harrypotter premiere, working life-size motorcycle and many more.

It’s not a surprise, this innovative man began cooking at a very early age. His mom found him watching Chef Tell on television and swinging a meat cleaver in the kitchen at the age of 4. He realized his passion for cooking when he cut his pinkie finger while carving a pumpkin when he was in 2nd grade. 

Chef Goldman earned a Guinness Book of World Records on March 30 2008 for baking world's largest cupcake. The massive cake weighed 61.4 pounds and was more than one foot tall. Reportedly the cake was 150 times the size of regular cup cakes with 10 pounds of sugar, 16 pounds of butter and 3 ounces of food coloring.

Yet-to-be-married 42-years-old is reportedly dating Sophia Rodriguez. He owns Charm City Cakes and Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios line of cake baking & decorating products. Certainly, this Food Network icon is a multi-millionaire. 

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