Filiz Ahmet (age 33) is a Macedonian nationality holder and Turkish stage and screen actress for her major profession. She has been counted among those actresses who have potential of perfect portraying ability and medical education background. In her work field, she has been best known for her outstanding roles as Zarife in the Nigar Kalfa and also in the Turkish TV series Muhtesem Yuzyil. Her flawless personality measurements have been the centre-point her attraction. She stands at perfect height with charming facial expression and ability. She has faced any such remarkable interviews till date which could be easier for her fans to know about her in detail. By the date, her net worth has not yet disclosed in exact numeric value. Although she hasn’t spent plenty time in acting field by now but still, her success has been supporting her to reach the peak of fame. To date, many sites have not yet concluded her adventurous acting journey in full explicable form. In the course, even Wikipedia has mentioned few details about her by now.

Filiz was born on April 15, 1981 in Skopje, Macedonia. She is of Turkish descent. In her family, her mother works as a prompter, while her grandfather is a Macedonian stage actor and also a co-founder of the Macedonian-Turkish Theatre. She grew up during the time of war. As for result her childhood has been stated to be coincided with the Yogoslav Wars. Due to the conflict, her family had to leave the place and move to Sweden. While Filiz was 12 years old, her family again returned to Macedonia for their further living. For her education qualification, she is a graduate from medical school and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Skopie in 2003. The first show she watched in the theater was The Idiot, based on the novel by the same name written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. She developed a lifelong passion for theater, and was 6 when she first appeared on stage. Ahmet is multilingual and is able speak Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Swedish, English, Serbian, and Bulgarian.

Ahmet began as a stage actress and has received several performance awards to date. She did not plan to act on-screen, and her busy theater schedule allowed little time for anything else. However, her breakthrough performance occurred in 2007 when she appeared in the series Farewell Rumelia. To make her character more expressive, Ahmet spoke her role in the Macedonian Turkish dialect. After this series, she received offers in various television series. Her next project was Balkan Wedding, where she took the role of Galina in 2009.

In 2010, Ahmet received the role of Nigar Kalfa in a primetime historical Turkish television series, Muhte?em Yüzy?l (The Magnificent Century). The show is very successful in the Balkan region and Turkey, and is broadcast in 45 countries. The series has 204 million viewers worldwide. At present her work with Muhtesem Yuzil has brought her positive responses and acclaim from critics.

Talking about her personal life details, she has been counted as one of the most elegant actresses of present time. She is famous for her bold personality which she uses to represent in front of media spotlight. Her graceful beauty has no measure with other actresses. She has collected huge mass of fan with help of her charming nature and acting skill. The way she uses to portray herself in screen is one of the most attractive factors about her.

There is no further information available about her personal life, as she is enjoying her fame even at short level, she is not willing to share her private life with media at the time. As a result her huge mass of fans are still dwelling in various pathways to know about her in detail. She has been busy in her mission to build her career.

There is no any detail about her being linked with any social sites, which could be beneficial for her fans and followers. She has been very shy about her personal life, so it’s a difficult task to spread anything about her in contradictory aspect. All can be said that her fans have to wait little longer to know about her in personal. Her fans are still wondering to know more about her in detail. Though, she hasn’t earned any professional wins till date but taking his efforts on account it can be easily said that she has a great future ahead of her. Let’s hope to know more about her in detail in future.