Only a few actors have had more impact on the movie industry than Burt Reynolds. For decades, Burt was recognized as the hammer-swinging, gun-smacking cowboy from his roles in box office hits like Gunsmoke, Smokey and the Bandits, Boogie Nights, The Cannonball Run and many more. Burt was the actual personification of the word “cool” in the 70s and 80s. Here are a few facts that you might not know about the Box office legend and sex symbol of the 70s, Reynolds.

#5. Burt Reynolds Turned Down Roles of 007 and Han Solo 

Over his acting career, Burt turned down many roles that would become an exemplary characters in pop culture. In an interview with Business Insider, Reynolds said that he could have played the first American James Bond, but he turned down the offer because he felt only an English man could portray 007.

Burt Reynolds wearing a glass and a black shirt

Not only 007, but the role of Han Solo was also offered to Burt Reynolds before Harrison Ford. His other famous refusals include hit movies like Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman, John McClane in Die Hard and R.P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. That’s a lot of dollars that Burt let go. 

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#4. Burt Reynolds and the Pie Fight with Marc Summers

Burt Reynolds pouring water on Marc Summers while sitting on a couch and Jay Leno is standing on the set of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

In one of the episodes of The Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno, Burt Reynolds and the host of the Nickelodeon’s kid show, Marc Summer, had a pie fight. The fight started with each guest spilling water and roasting each other. The water fight was soon followed by a hysterical pie fight and an awkward hug, to sum it up.

#3. Burt Reynolds and The Godfather’s Blacklist 

Burt Reynolds holding a paper in his hands while sitting on a chair

While Burt Reynolds was a big fan of Marlon Brando, The Godfather never liked Reynolds. Even though Brando admits they haven’t met each other in person, his hate for Burt was brutal, and he wasn’t afraid to talk about it.

When Francis Ford Coppola considered giving Burt the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Marlon announced that if Reynolds were given the part, he would remove himself from the project. 

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#2. Burt: Actor and a Country Singer

Young Burt Reynolds sitting on a couch

Reynolds released a country album, Ask Me What I Am, back in 1973. The album came out with a large double-sided poster of Reynolds and became quite popular among fans and critics

#1. Burt Reynolds thinks Deliverance can’t be re-made

Burt Reynolds was a rising movie star after his role in Deliverance. The movie is regarded as one of the best movies ever made. In 2008, it was selected for preservation in the US National Film Registry in the order of the Library of Congress.

Young Burt Reynolds on the set of Deliverance

Reynolds once said in an interview,

They keep talking about a remake, but I don’t think you could find four actors enough to do it.

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