Erinn Bartlett and her husband Oliver Hudson are married for almost a decade now. The couple married in 2006 after dating a certain period of time. Erinn and Hudson’s marriage was a particularly romantic one to people. Oliver Hudson is indeed a lucky man to have won the heart of the woman with libidinous body measurements.

Erinn Bartlett and Oliver Hudson’s marriage was full of romance

In 2006, Erin Bartlett and Oliver Hudson married in the beaches of Cabo San Lucas. All the guests were arranged for a stay in One & Only Palmilla Resort. The sound of the waves during the couple said their vows made the wedding a very romantic and memorable one. There was no need of music – nature did its job.

As the wedding ended, the couple walked on the sandy beach. Erinn was beautifully attired in the Les Habitudes and gladiator sandals. The parents of Oliver Hudson even shed some tears of extreme joy and blessed the couple wholeheartedly.

Not only Erinn’s in-laws, her parents were also present for the wedding. They were smiling all the time and looked very optimistic about the relationship to go on for eternity. Oliver’s sister Kate Hudson and her son were also there.

After finishing up with the whole wedding ceremony, the couple posed to capture this amazing moment in a piece of paper. The wedding was smooth, calm and filled with immense affection, joy, and blessings.

The lovely Erinn Bartlet in #LesHabitudes bridal wear

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Erinn Bartlett’s slim yet curvaceous frame makes her one of the hottest actresses

Erinn is immensely beautiful, gifted with a body type that is pervasively desired by women around the world. Erinn has a perfect slim body; free from any deposited fat in her body, she has a thin body frame. Erinn is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 129 pounds. It gives her a normal Body Mass Index.

Besides, her breasts are the 36D size. Erinn achieves an amazing curve with the body shape of 36-24-36. This body shape makes her look curvaceous and extremely attractive to men.

Oliver Hudson is undoubtedly fortunate to have married such a woman. He will always wake up next to a beautiful woman every day.

No doubt, Erinn has one of the gifted bodies. Her curvaceous figure complemented by super-attractive body measurements make her one of the hottest icons in the entertainment industry. Erinn Bartlett’s husband Oliver Hudson must feel really lucky to have a wife that loving, beautiful and sexy.