[Update: Eric Bolling shared about his son during Opioid Summit at White House on March 1, 2018.]

Eric Bolling, former Fox News host, and correspondent has been married to Adrienne Bolling for two decades. The couple is completely shattered by the death of their only son after Eric was fired from Fox News amid sexual harassment accusations.

Eric Bolling is a family man

Eric Bolling tied the knot with Adrienne in 1997 and welcomed a baby boy, Eric Chase Bolling a year later. Eric Bolling tied the knot with Adrienne in 1997 and welcomed a baby boy, Chase a year later. The couple has been living a happy life together, and Bolling has been sharing the pictures of his family on social media regularly.

Eric Bolling small and happy family!

While the whole world was celebrating the new year, Bolling shared on Facebook that he stayed two days at the hospital. He said that their son was rushed to an ICU after suffering a lacerated spleen while snowboarding.

The next day, he expressed his gratitude towards the baby Eric’s doctors at Albany Medical Center’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, while appearing on The Five.

Once when his son was in pre-school, he gave up on $2 million for reading a book entitled Spider and the Fly for his class. During that time, he was involved in developing the CNBC show Fast Money. He was really in a troublesome situation when the show’s developing crew contacted him, but he couldn’t receive the call as he was busy with his son.

Eric Boiling pictured with his son Eric Chase Bolling

He said in an interview with Benzinga, “He’ll never know how bad that trading day was for me. Honestly, I would change the loss, but I wouldn’t change the chance to read for him. He’s why I left Fast Money.”

Eric is a religious person. He visits church five days a week to light candles with his wife. He told The Blaze, ‘I’ve been a Catholic – a Christian – my whole life. I go to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral every day, and I light candles. It’s important for me to stand up for Christianity.”

How has Eric Bolling’s wife reacted to his sexual harassment scandal?

He has been accused of sending the unsolicited pictures of his genitalia to his several female colleagues, two from Fox News and at least one from Fox Business several years ago. The news broke after the writer Yashar Ali wrote about the story on Huffington Post.

Eric Bolling was suspended from Fox News days after his sexual harassment scandals surfaced

Eric, who has been suspended from the network with the internal investigation underway, has filed $50 million defamation lawsuit against Ali at New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

The Fox News host has been denying the accusations calling it ‘an attempt to defame him.’ However, neither his wife nor their son publicly reacted to the incident.

Eric Bolling’s son found dead hours after Fox News fired him on Friday

In September 2014, during a discussion on the show The Five, he stirred up controversy while talking about the first woman fighter pilot from UAE leading the bombing of the Islamic state. He asked if instead of saying ‘boots on the ground’, it might be more appropriate to say ‘b**bs on the ground’ on –air.

The next day, he apologized for his immature and unprofessional remark, citing a look his wife gave him after he arrived home.