Heather Nauert is married to Scott Norby since 2000. In 16 years of marriage by now, she already has delivered 2 children with her present husband.

Professionally, one of the most prominent anchors of the Fox News Channel, Heather married her husband Scott Norby in the year of 2000 personally. According to most recently updated news sources about her, she delivered her first child just 2 years after her marriage in 2009 and again her second child was born in 2010, just a year after.

Scott Norby, such a handsome and tall heighted guy with dashing outlook is certainly the luckiest man to get such a beautiful wife like Heather. 

How such a fine man came in to her life is one of the unknown facts about her life. But, to be honest for a moment, he is really the charm of her life. Unlike to her profession, his profession is linked with business sector where he works as investment financier. Presently, he is working at Goldman Sachs.

Happily married couple has spent 16 year together and still their wedded life is free from internal troubles. The bond shared in between them is beyond any strength and that’s something which is keeping them together for so long.

It’s already cleared that they have welcomed two little members in their family. Also, there is not single evidence about their probable divorce in coming future either.

Looking at their photographs together, anyone can seen how much comfortable they are with one another. Literally, their presence add extra glow on other’s face. Such a cute couple and their mutual understanding can make anyone jealous at no time.

Scott Norby and Heather Nauert really make cute couple along with cute children. First love of her life turned into soul mate. May god bless this couple with love and prosperity till the end.