Updated: 04/04/2018 10:02 AM | First Published: 02/23/2018 05:20 PM

What is Captain Elliott Neese Doing After Leaving Deadliest Catch?


Elliott Neese, who is known for appearing in Deadliest Catch, was the youngest captain in the fleet.

He began fishing at the age of 12 and started pot fishing for cod when he was just 19 years old.

Not so long afterward, he started crab fishing and moved to the ranks quickly after getting the full share of his first-year crab fishing.

He became deck boss of the fishing vessel, Ramblin’ Rose and also worked as an engineer and relief skipper before taking over the position of captain at the age of 28.

He captained at Ramblin’ Rose for about two years before leaving the boat to buy his own boat.

Now, he owns a beautiful crab boat, Saga, and Jake Anderson has been in the wheelhouse of the fishing vessel since 2015.

Season 11 for him was fraught with his addiction issues as viewers watched him unravel and clash with his crew members.

He hasn’t been seen in ‘Deadliest Catch’ since then. 

Amidst season 11 airing, he entered rehab at a Malibu-based treatment center, Passages and completed 60 days there until 2015.

While in Malibu, he met a beautiful woman named Erika Fridenbergs and the two quickly started dating.

Elliott started sharing cozy pictures of him and Erika afterward, but they have stayed out of media at present.

He had revealed that after recovering from his addiction issues, he was taking some time to focus on himself.

In late 2016, he underwent Ibogaine detox program and was encouraging others, who are struggling with drug abuse to do the same.

He claimed that Jake Anderson was Saga’s captain only on the show. But, Elliott hasn’t returned on the show since he left after season 11.

What else has the former captain been up to since leaving Deadliest Catch? 

He still fishes and has been mostly spearfishing in tropical locations.

He shared several photos of himself on social media holding a huge catch.

In early 2017, he tweeted that he concentrated on a lot of workouts and gained 20 pounds muscle weight.

Once, when the F/V Arctic Hunter ran aground and crashed into the rocks near Alaska, he risked his life to save the six crew members of the boat.

After the incident, the hatred and nasty comments in his social media posts from viewers were replaced with applauses.

He is a father of two children, a son and a daughter born with his ex-girlfriend, Valerie Gunderson.

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