After Captain Phil Harris’ demise, F/V Cornelia Marie has seen crew changes several times and hasn’t been regular on ‘Deadliest Catch.’

Now, cheer up fans! Your favorite boat, which was missing from season 13 of the show is set to return on season 14.

Eldest son of Phil Harris, Josh Harris will be running the wheelhouse of the boat

Captain Josh, along with Captain Casey McManus and the entire F/V Cornelia Marie are excited to come back on TV.

The crab fishing boat headed off from Dutch Harbor into the Bering Sea back on October 12, 2017, with a full Discovery Channel camera crew.

Though the boat remained an active part of the Bering Sea crab fleet last year, it wasn’t seen on TV.

Josh explained that there was some real-life drama in the Harris family that kept their F/V off of the show during the season 13.

“I had a lot of family issues going on. I had [multiple] people in ICU at the same time, and that put a kibosh on things – I had to be home. Going to visit everybody in ICU isn’t exactly a fun time or stuff that necessarily needs to be filmed.”

The upcoming season will show two captains in F/V Cornelia Marie, like Hillstrand brothers, Captain Jonathan and Captain Andy, who rotated seasons.

Captain Casey will be taking the helm during the king crab season and Captain Josh during the Opie crab season.

Casey says that two captains in the boat make the responsible job of holding the wheelhouse a less stressful job.

Born on March 18, 1983, he may be one of the youngest captains in the fleet.

However, he is no rookie to the high seas. Born to a fisherman, he has been fishing from a young age.

He was seen as the deckhand in the first six seasons of the show.

Josh Harris revealed in an interview on April 25, 2013, that he had taken the ownership of the Cornelia Marie formerly owned by his father.

He put $1 million to give Cornelia Marie an overhaul that includes all renovations and electronics.

His brother, Jake Harris is still busy getting things fixed in his personal life after substance abuse and other issues.

Fans are hopeful that Captain Josh will bring the boat to its former glory like that of his father’s time.