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Guitar collection of greatest guitarist, Eddie Van Halen

Ranked #8 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time, Eddie Van Halen is one of the most influential and talented guitarists alive. Often compared with Jimi Hendrix, Eddie redefined what electric guitar could do with his seemingly fast hammering and two-handed tapping techniques.

The 63 years old artist, Van Halen founder & guitarist, is still doing what he did best 40 years ago, and he is also rumored to be on Van Halen 2019 Farewell tour. With an estimated net worth of $100 million, Eddie hasn't stepped down from buying a guitar. 

Honoring his legacy, today, we bring you a list of guitar Eddie has collected so far.

1. 1960s Teisco Del Rey WG-4L

 1960s Teisco Del Rey WG-4L

Based on the Ibanez 3904, 1960s Teisco Del Ray WG-4L is Eddie’s first guitar, which he bought for $110 with four pickups. He played this guitar for around three years before discovering Frankenstrat.

2. The Frankenstein (Frankenstrat)

 The Frankenstein (Frankenstrat)

Eddie built this guitar himself in 1974 and painted the whole body black. Later, he taped the body and repainted the entire body with white. The tape created stripes that we still see in Eddie’s guitar. He played it while recording Van Halen’s self-titled debut album, and also during their first tour.

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3. 1970s Ibanez Destroyer 2459 – “The Shark”

 1970s Ibanez Destroyer 2459 – “The Shark”

Eddie bought this guitar before the band recorded their first album. The guitar went through the same process as Frankenstrat. He also removed unnecessary woods with a chainsaw, but the cut wasn’t smooth leaving a few sharp teeth-like chunks of wood, which led to guitar’s nickname, The Shark.

4. 1979 Van Halen II – “Bumblebee”

 1979 Van Halen II – “Bumblebee”

Eddie ordered this guitar prior to the band’s second album, Van Halen II, and its tour. He customized it painting the body yellow and adding his signature stripes. He buried the guitar as a tribute to Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrell alongside his cemetarian. Dimebag was murdered in 2004 during the Devastation Across The Nation tour.

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5. DragonSnake


He ordered this guitar after “The Shark” started sounding bad. It was fitted with the black headstock neck, which was originally on the cover of Van Halen II album. Eddie became bored with the Charvel "Explorers" and asked a carpenter to carve out a dragon biting a snake out of the body. This guitar was featured on the cover of the Guitar World magazine in January 1981.

6. Kramer Double Neck

 Kramer Double Neck

This guitar was custom made by Paul Unkert while he was working at the Kramer Factory. Paul made only two of these guitars, one in red and another in yellow with Eddie’s signature stripes, and both were for Eddie.

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7. Tacoma JR55 Jumbo

Tacoma JR55 Jumbo

This is one of few acoustic guitars owned by EVH. He played this guitar on The Downtown Sessions DVD released in 2012.

8. Music Man Eddie V Double Neck

 Music Man Eddie V Double Neck

He played this unique guitar while performing “Spanked” live. The top part of this guitar is 6-string bass, and the bottom portion is a regular guitar.

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