Finally, the promo of Edd China’s new show has hit YouTube, and it cannot get any better than this.

Edd China’s Garage Revival’s pilot promo was uploaded to the channel with the same name on April 13.

His latest video titled ‘Edd China’s Garage Revival Program Pilot Available on YouTube May 1st’ was released on April 27.

Through this video, it came to light that Edd China is currently working on a project that could be picked up by a TV network.

The pilot episode will be released on May 1st. It features Edd traveling to Norway to help a fellow car owner complete his Golf MK1 GTI project.

Edd, who had been outside the limelight since 2017, is finally ready to bring us a new show.

So, we’ve provided the link to his pilot’s promo in the description. Be sure to follow the channel and like the video.

There’s also another link in the description to sign a petition for providing Edd with a new show.

Let’s help Edd get his gears rolling by signing the petition and hopefully we will reach a syndicated network to get his show on the run.