A famous baker, Duff Goldman’s fans wonder if he is secretly married. Many of you might not know that he was once in a relationship with a cake decorator at his Charm City Cakes. Let’s find out if they are still together. 

Are Duff Goldman and Sofia Rodriguez married?

Goldman is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life. It has been believed that he was in a relationship with a woman named Sofia Rodriguez, a cake decorator and an icer at his Charm City Cakes.

Sofia Rodriguez decorating cake at Charm City Cakes

According to People magazine, Duff and Sofia were living together during the mid-2000s. Until October 2012, there had been posts of Sofia’s birthday on Charm City Cakes’ Twitter account. But since then, there have been no updates about her.

It seems like she is not a part of the company anymore. So, we can fairly assume that the couple might have separated.

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Is Duff Goldman gay?

Duff’s unknown relationship status has even raised rumors of him being gay. Not only that he has been a supporter of same-sex marriage, which led people to suspect that he is gay. 

From right to left: Duff Goldman, Art Smith, Guy Fieri and Ted Allen at a massive gay wedding in 2015

He has no qualms supporting gay marriage. In 2015, he partnered with chef Art Smith for the 101 Gay Weddings Campaign, an attempt of giving 101 same-sex couple a dream wedding. 

“The world needs more love. It’s like, why deny people’s weddings because they’re homosexual? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t get it. I’m not gay, but I think this is the right thing to do” the famed pastry chef said. 

He also admitted that he gets a lot of flak for openly supporting gay weddings and LGBT rights but that hasn’t impacted his standing. 

I really try to understand — what is it besides a religious belief that makes people think this is wrong? I really try to understand. I want someone to be able to explain to me how people getting married affects them. What does that do to them? How does it affect them financially? How does it affect them politically? How does it affect their life? I just have never ever heard an answer I believe.

Duff Goldman

In early 2016, he baked a wedding cake for free for a lesbian couple, who were turned down by Sweet Cakes Bakery’s Aaron Klein for his strong religious belief about marriage. 

Though his secret love life has somewhat triggered people’s curiosity about his sexual orientation, his fans have always loved him for his outspoken support of LGBT rights.

Duff Goldman has shared about his massive weight loss in 3 months

Recently, Duff took to Instagram to show off his massive weight loss with his two comparable pictures, which are claimed to have been taken only three months apart. Highlighting his thinner face, he wrote in the caption, “Wow. It’s been three months and I feel like these are photos of two different people.”

Duff Goldman shared his before and after weight loss photos on Instagram

He has revealed that eating clean, riding bike and lifting weights were the secrets behind his impressive transformation. His hard work has really paid off.

Though it’s a first time he has shared his before and after photos, it’s not the first time the foodie has struggled for a weight loss. While he was traveling throughout US stationing on six states for his show Sugar High eating lots of sweets and desserts, he gained 30 pounds.

But immediately after the show, he managed to lose more than 30 pounds with hard workouts five days a week and making a permanent schedule for his diet and exercises. Even it was claimed that he had stopped eating anything after 7 p.m.

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