1967 born Dr. Brenda grew up on a dairy farm in Eaton Rapids, Michigan and her future was set from early childhood.

Following her interest, she graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the year 1992.

Brenda who started treating animals at the Pol Veterinary Services experienced many thick and thin in her career, but her love & care for the animals had her going.

During her work at Pol Veterinary, she was time and again made feel inferior, not by her work but by her gender. The sexist treatment made her feel insecure

After decades of Brenda’s contribution to the industry. She holds a certified license as a Pharmacist and Veterinarian, and Veterinary Medicine.

Her enthusiasm and love for animals got the mainstream exposure after appearing in Nat Geo’s The Incredible Dr. Pol

She has appeared in every season and episodes of the show and will be continuing to do so.

The rumors of her leaving the show have started swirling, but we can settle the dust. She is going nowhere.