Art Burke, who lived a normal life working for different companies, got his mainstream popularity after appearing on History’s ‘Ice Road Truckers.’

Burke rolled into the show in the 7th season in 2013 and has been an active participant till the show’s latest season in 2017.

His debutant season was a controversial one as he got fired by his company owner Hugh Rowland on the verge of certain agreements.

Burke got back in the eighth season of the show, but this time as a part of the Polar Industries.

Art’s gradual progress in the show has been a pleasure to acknowledge as he stands as one of the most influential cast members at present.

Risking his lives over the dices thrown by mother nature and frozen lakes, Burke is paid over $20,000 per season.

Art has garnered a net worth of over $500 thousand from his overall career.

Burke has not been open about his family life.

He is a married man and leads a happy family life. Art has a granddaughter.