Donna Karan, a mother to three children, was married twice. She left her first husband to marry the love of her life, her second husband Stephan Weiss. While she was married to her first husband, she was in a relationship with Weiss and later that became the cause of her divorce.

Know with ‘whom’ she was hitched:-two husbands

Mark Karan with whom Donna was hitched first was her childhood friend and her first boyfriend, moreover a best friend. She tied the knot for the first time in 1973 with Mark. She knew Mark for several years and the two were in a relationship before getting married but unfortunately, their marriage fell apart.

The couple shares a daughter who was born after a year of their marriage. Gabby Karan is her eldest child who is now 32 years old.

Donna met her second husband, Stephan, when she was concocting her engagement with her first husband, Mark. She construed her love as love at first sight. She was so in love with Weiss that even after being a married woman and a mother of a child she was not able to forget him.

She tried hard for five years to get over Weiss, it’s really long time indeed but still, Weiss was living in her heart. Hence, she left her husband Mark and married Stephan.

Donna continued her relationship with Weiss and cheated on her first husband which later on became the cause of the divorce with her first husband. After five years of togetherness with Mark, she got separated from her first husband. And in 1983 finally, she married her soulmate; Stephan Weiss.

Children she shares with her husbands

68 years old Donna Karan shares three children with her husbands by getting hitched two times. She has one daughter, Gaby Karan, from her first husband, Mark.

Donna has two children named, Corey Weiss and Lisa Weiss, from her second husband, Stephan Weiss.

Donna is a successful fashion designer but looks like she is not successful in her personal life as in her professional life. Her first marriage ended because of her extramarital affair, however, now she is enjoying her single life with her 3 children.