Dear music lovers of all ages, Dolly Parton, is one of the biggest stars in the world. Starting at the young age of 7, the Jolene hitmaker wrote around 3000 songs and has sold over 160 million records worldwide. Known for pioneering the cross-over between country and pop music, she has countless accolades.

Most notably, she got her name featured twice in the pages of the Guinness World Records 2018 edition for Most Decades with a Top 20 hit on the US Hot Songs chart and Most Hits on the US Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist. Most of Parton’s fans are familiar with her contributions to art and culture, which have earned her several awards and honors from the music and film industry. However, the country queen’s married life is still a bit of a mystery to the world. Her marriage to Carl Thomas Dean is one part of her colorful world, which she keeps carefully guarded.

Parton and Dean’s relationship is inarguably one of the most enduring marriages in Hollywood. However, many are still oblivious about her 50 years long marital bond with Dean. Today, we’re looking at some of the lesser-known facts about the iconic couple.

1. Opposites Attract

Because of her talent and impeccable beauty, Dolly Parton has always been the apple of the public’s eye. On the other hand, her husband is a reclusive, reserved type, the polar opposite of Dolly. He’s always avoided being in the spotlight, even when his wife asked him to accompany her at numerous functions and parties. Talking about her husband’s laid-back personality, she said,

“He’s not in show business. He’s not resentful of any of that. He loves to hear about the things I do. I love to hear about the things he does. So we enjoy each other’s company. We get along good. We’re completely opposite but that’s what makes it fun. I never know what he’s gonna say or do. He’s always surprising me.”

Maybe the old cliche “opposites attract” is true in their case.

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2. Romantic Husband

Despite being the silent type, he’s quite the romantic. He repeatedly surprises his wife with romantic gestures and always lets her know how much he loves her. Whether it’s taking her out to dinner or going on long drives through the country, Carl never misses an opportunity to be romantic. She had revealed her husband’s soft and lesser-known side in an interview when she said that he writes her poems.

“He’s not musical – but he’s kind, funny and romantic. His poems are lovely and heartfelt. And that kind of stuff keeps us happy over the years – two old goats together.”

She has also revealed that her husband’s self-effacing attitude is the secret to her successful marriage. Despite her busy schedule, they still find private time together and enjoy life as simple husband and wife.

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3. No Kids

Dolly has taken on a lot of things in life, but one journey she never took on is motherhood. At the height of her success in the mid-70s, she did ponder raising a child of her own, but due to her busy schedule, she remained ambivalent about it. She didn’t want to give birth to hire someone else to care for her kid while she was busy with her career.

The possibility of her having children naturally ended after a medical condition caused her to undergo a hysterectomy. The situation was difficult for the singer, but she graciously accepted the truth that motherhood just wasn’t in the cards for her. Though she hasn’t raised kids of her own, Dolly works with many children.

Dolly, who claims to be in her second childhood at present, released her first children’s album, I Believe in You, in 2017. She’s actively worked for the welfare of children through her charity, Imagination Library, which has provided about 100 million free books to young kids. During one of her interviews, she said that fate led her to be a mother to everyone instead of just the mother of her children. She said,

“God has a plan for everything. I think it was probably his plan for me not to have any kids so everybody’s kids could be mine. They are now.”

Previously, she used to regret postponing the journey into motherhood but no longer feels that way. She’s also been very close to her younger siblings and nieces and nephews.

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4. The Story Behind Jolene

In her hit single Jolene, Dolly describes a woman far superior to her in beauty and everything. Through the song, she begs the woman not to take her man away from her. The song was inspired by a lady at the bank who had a terrible crush on her husband, who enjoyed all the attention she gave him. Dolly said,

“He just loved going to the bank because she paid him so much attention. It was kinda like a running joke between us—when I was saying, ‘Hell, you’re spending a lot of time at the bank. I don’t believe we’ve got that kind of money.” As the song suggests, Dolly was intimidated because she didn’t have many of the things the woman had, for example, her height.

So that was it. The lady with flaming locks of auburn hair, ivory skin and eyes of emerald green was none other than their bank teller. Of course, nothing happened, as the song suggests. Dolly and Carl are exemplified as the most enduring couple of Hollywood, and today we’re discussing the secrets behind their longevity.

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5. Attending His Wife’s Performances

Despite being married for more than 50 years, Carl Dean has attended his wife’s performances only a couple of times. Well, you’ve already learned that he’s not an outgoing kind of person, but the reason why Carl is unwilling to accompany Dolly in public events is something else. While appearing on Ellen, she revealed,

“No, he doesn’t like to do that. He gets nervous seeing me perform. It’s almost like seeing your kid in a recital. He’s afraid I’ll mess up. Actually, he has seen me a time or two and it did relax him a little. He saw that I do mess up and it’s OK because people are not gonna punish me for it.”

Many sweet and weird facts about their relationship have kept them together for so long.

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