Dog the Bounty Hunter premiered back in 2004 offering an insider’s view of the bounty hunting business. The unique style of the Chapman clan propelled the show to mainstream popularity in no time, having millions of viewers tuning in regularly. During the show’s 8-season run from 2004 to 2012, fans got to see chases, drug busts, motivational speech in the back of Dog’s van and many more. The show’s fame made the Chapmans household names, but some of the truths about the family have been kept under wraps till date.

Today, we have made a list of things you didn’t know about Dog The Bounty Hunter’s family.

1. Estranged Son

Leland posing for a picture with Duane

Leland Chapman (born Dec 14, 1976) is Dog’s second child, born with his first wife, La Fonda Sue Honeycutt (married from 1972 to 1977). Seven months after Leland’s birth, Dog was imprisoned, and shortly afterward, he and La Fonda got divorced. Leland was brought up by his mother and step-dad. Leland, who thought his step-father was his biological father, got into trouble at a very young age and his wild nature led him to foster care, from where he ran away. Then, he was given a choice to return to foster care or live with his biological father. He chose the latter, and a late but strong bond was formed between the father and son.

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2. Duane Lee Jr. Fallout with Father

Duane Lee Jr

Dog’s eldest son, Duane Lee Jr. also born with La Fonda, is allegedly not in good term with his father since 2012 after a heated argument over his salary. When the filming of Dog the Bounty Hunter was wrapping up, Duane Jr. demanded an increase in pay, but Beth claimed it was impossible. Making the matter worse, Dog also took Beth’s side and didn’t ask him to join the cast of their new show, Dog & Beth: On the Hunt (2013-2015).

3. Leland’s Dramatic Love Life

leland with Jamie Pilar Chapman

Leland has been married to Jamie Pilar Chapman, a tattoo model, make-up artist and war widow, since 2016. However, rumors are widely swirling that he still carries a torch for his ex, Lynette Yi, with whom he shares a daughter, Leiah Breanna Chapman (born 2010). Contrary to the ongoing rumors, he has been open about his love for his current wife, and Lynette is married to Jason Ridge. The father of three shares two sons: Dakota Chapman and Cobie Chapman with his first wife, Maui Chapman, married from 1995 to 2005.

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4. Dog and Beth’s Wedding

Duane and Beth Chapman posing for a picture

Dog lost his 23 years old daughter, Barbara Katie Chapman, in 2006 in a car crash in Fairbanks the day before he and Beth got married. The couple decided to continue with the already planned wedding ceremony amidst the grief. Dog paid tribute to his late daughter in an emotional speech. According to Lyssa Chapman, Barbara had troubles with alcohol and drugs and was trying to get her life on track at the time of her death.

5. Why was Dog The Bounty Hunter Canceled?

Duane Chapman behind the bars

Dog had a strained relationship with most of his kids, particularly his son, Tucker, born with Lyssa Rae Brittain, with whom he was married from 1982 to 1991. But reportedly, a phone call conversation between Dog and Tucker, supposedly leaked by Tucker himself, contributed to Dog the Bounty Hunter cancellation. Apparently, Dog didn’t like Tucker’s African-American girlfriend and angrily spoke “the n-word.” Once the tape was publicized, the production of the show was suspended in 2007. The show later returned, following his public apology, but his racial remarks put a permanent stain in his reputation. The show was canceled in 2012.


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