A tragedy has struck the comic book universe as it has lost one of its founding fathers. Stan Lee, the co-creator of some of the greatest superheroes of all time, sadly passed away at 95 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Nov. 12. The Marvel Comics founder, writer and publisher got into the business in 1939. He was responsible for some iconic characters, including the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Incredible Hulk and the Fantastic Four.

Collaborating with artist-writers like Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, he catapulted Marvel from a tiny venture into the world’s no. 1 comic book publishers. Lee’s life always seemed to be an open book, but still, you may not have missed some facts about him. Today, as the world mourns a huge loss, we take a look at the interesting facts about the late comic book legend.

Cameo Obligation

Stan Lee

We have enjoyed Lee’s cameos in Marvel movies, but did you know that it was actually a part of his contract? A clause in the contract specified that Lee must appear in any film based on any of the character created by him.

Dr. Stan Doom

Dr. Doom

When asked which Marvel supervillain he would want to portray, Lee mentioned Dr. Doom, which he co-created with Jack Kirby, Pat Broderick and John Francis. Justifying his choice, he said that just because Dr. Doom wants to rule the world doesn’t mean he is a 100% villain and maybe, he would do something better for the world.

Barber Wife

Stan Lee with his wife

It might be a bit surprising that Lee’s wife, Joan B. Lee (married from 1947 till her death in 2017) had been his barber. Revealing the secret behind his slicked-back mane, he wrote on the second page of his memoir,  “My whole adult life, I’ve never been to a barber. Joanie always cuts my hair.”

Before Fame

Stan Lee in a military uniform

Everybody starts somewhere. Before getting into the fantastic lives of fictional characters, Lee was involved in an insane job. He wrote antemortem obituaries for celebrities at an undisclosed news office in New York and left the job after finding that too “depressing.”


Stan Lee waving his hand

Dubbed as a real-life superhero, he appeared in more movies than most Hollywood A-listers. He worked in 121 movies (including voice acting and animation) that put him ahead of stars including George Clooney (88), Tom Hanks (88), Brad Pitt (81) and Meryl Streep (85).

The Hulk (Gray Monster)

Gray Hulk comic cover

The Hulk is easily every comic book fans’ one of top three favorite superheroes but did you know Hulk was not always green. The character’s co-creator, Lee said that the color of the superhero was supposed to be gray, but as a printer had a hard time keeping the color consistent, they settled with green.

You will always be remembered, Stan Lee. Rest in Peace!


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