Updated: 05/21/2018 10:48 AM | First Published: 05/21/2018 10:45 AM

5 Unknown facts about Discovery series Moonshiners


Discovery Channel just finished airing the seventh season of the reality series, Moonshiners, on March 27 this year.

The show which premiered on December 6, 2011, revolves around the moonshiners’ lives and their efforts in moonshining.

Here are some interesting facts about these moonshiners from your favorite TV channel.

Special Agent Jesse Tate

In the first season, special agent, Jesse Tate, made his way regularly into the show.

As he was working for Virginia ABC Bureau at the time, the state officials were not happy with his involvement. 

A number of sources later confirmed that Tate was deceived as he had no idea regarding the production of illegal liquor.

Stephen Tickle Political Craving

In an interview with a local newspaper back in 2013, Tickle revealed that he was thinking of running for the state office in southern Virginia.

Sadly, he could not make into politics after a variety of things halted his way. 

Initial Objective

When the show started back in 2011, it was supposed to be about legal moonshining.

If that had happened, the show would have been dull and colorless. Think about that! 

Genuineness of the show

If you are wondering as to why the illegal moonshiners never get caught, then you are not alone.

Discovery and cast themselves refuse to say anything about how they are getting away even after showing such illegal activities on TV.

As the channel do not put a disclaimer in the credits in that regard, it has left many of us wondering.

Statement by Virginia Authorities

After the Discovery began airing the show, it seemed that the states across the US were allowing a crime to take place.

The Virginia authorities slammed the show in a press release for airing misleading and fake content.

However, the team claimed that the state has not been able to catch them in the act yet. So, the production is on going.