Pauley Perrette Post-NCIS

Pauley Perrette who left NCIS after fifteen seasons, said that he endured multiple physical assaults in the set.

CBS responded the claim had been taken seriously and they teamed with Pauley to create “safe working environment.”

Also, Pauley had issues with Mark Harmon as his dog bit a cast member on the set. 

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Breakup Hoax

A few days earlier, there were rumors that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are marrying in a summer wedding.

Rumors have now started swirling that Foxx left Holmes at the altar. However, the actor’s rep has denied the allegations.

Jennifer Love Hewitt debuts on 9-1-1

Fox drama, 9-1-1, formerly a show about Connie Britton answering phones, will now be led by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

In the show’s 2nd season, Hewitt is debuting as a new call-center operator, as Britton heads off to star in Bravo’s ‘Dirty John.’

Stan Lee Issues

Marvel comic creator, Stan Lee, sued his former company, POW! Entertainment, for $1 billion. 

The company replied that “the allegation are completely without merit” and Lee’s conduct is overwhelming.

The 95-year-old’s Facebook is hacked and is asking fans to send a message to the social network’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Portia de Rossi Quits Acting

The ‘Arrested Development’ alum has opened up about her intention to give up acting while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She has revealed that she will now invest her time and energy on a start-up that reproduces paintings using 3D printing technology.

Damon Wayans Slams Clayne Crawford

Damon Wayans has slammed his former Lethal Weapon co-star, Clayne Crawford, on his Twitter account, which has now been deleted.

In a series of tweets, Damon opened up that the extent of the chaos and his on-set abusive behavior resulted in the firing of Clayford. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wedding

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place on 19th May 2018 at 1200 GMT. 

The royal couple got the titles, Duke and Duchess of Sussex.