Dina Eastwood married Scott Fisher in 2016, two years after divorcing ex-husband Clint Eastwood. From her anchoring career, Dina has amassed a net worth of $20 million. Let’s find out the full story.

Familiar with the names Dina & Clint Eastwood? For years, Dina & Clint were a great couple until a highly publicized split, after which they began dating ex-spouses, Scott & Erica Fisher, respectively.

While Clint & Erica’s relationship fizzled, Dina & Scott’s romance went from strong to the strongest. Dina and Scott Fisher’s wedding came after a peculiar case of “wife swapping” as Scott’s former wife, Erica, had an affair with Clint, following their divorce in 2012. With no delay, let’s start our digging.

Sparkling diamond ring, another fairy tale: The marriage between Dina Eastwood and Scott Fisher

Dina Eastwood married Scott Fisher, a college basketball coach, on July 1, 2016, two years after she divorced Clint Eastwood. A close insider says, the matrimonial union of Dina and Scott was an eye candy.

Dina married her first husband in Santa Barbara, California, which was a gorgeous ceremony.

Dina wore a very beautiful strapless white gown with an embellished detailing on the waist, & added it to large dropping earnings, while the groom wore a white suit with a starfish pin.

Instead of hot & beautiful human bridesmaids, who might steal your thunder, Dina dressed two of her adorable pups in adorable dogs gowns & let them walk her down the aisle.

One quick peep at Dina’s Instagram profile will tell you that the California wedding was awesome & her two dogs steal the ceremony with their mischievous yet cute activities.

We love this photo! The above image is perfect for so many reasons; because the faces of the plugs look like they convey the two major emotions of getting married, joy and anxiousness. No words for Dina and Scott, they look happy and that wedding glow really agrees with her.

Career revenue and alimony: Is Dina Eastwood amongst the richest television celebrities?

Dina may have lived far from the Hollywood glare but as a television news anchor, this lady has earned quite a fortune. A renowned television persona, who started her career back in the 1990s as a KNAZ’s reporter, Dina has now accumulated a whopping net worth of $20 million.

As of the year 2012, Dina has begun her own reality TV series called Mrs. Eastwood & Company. Moreover, she has also starred in two of her ex-husband’s movies, Blood Work & True Crime.

During her divorce from the famous & wealthy actor/director Clint Eastwood, Dina demanded a hefty spousal & a child support. Clint, who wasn’t ready to share a single penny with her at first, subsequently gave her a spousal support check.

Still wondering where she garnered the $20 million from? Looks like you’ve got your answer.

Dina and Scott couldn’t be happier and the newly married couple looks adorable. It took her two years after the divorce from Clint Eastwood to tie the knot once more. With a huge net worth and a new husband, looks like Dina Eastwood has a lot to be happy about presently.