Derek Travis is an American street racer widely recognized as the cast member of the Discovery’s reality series, Street Outlaws. He portrays the role of villain-esque guy and big-time trash talker in the show.

Net Worth and Career

Derek Travis’ obsession about cars started at his young age. He got into racing after meeting his ex-wife, Christina Tessneer, at the age of 16 who would often talk how faster her 1985 Mustang GT was than Derek’s 1975 Camaro. His brother-in-law, Mickey, helped him trade his 1975 Camaro for a second hand 1986 Camaro.

Derek Travis with a selfie inside his car.

Years after racing in the street of Oklahoma, his hometown, he met Dave Combstock aka Daddy Dave and started to hang out with him. Daddy Dave quickly took Derek under his wings and taught him a lot more about the cars and the craft of racing. The two built several cars together, including Derek’s 1986 Camaro which was then named as the Silver Unit. The Silver Unit went through several heavy modifications and transformations to become the car it is today.

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Derek became the part of the drag racing reality series, Street Outlaws since its inception in 2013. He came in as a big guy with a mouth full of trash talks in the show. Derek defeated Sean Whitley aka Farmtruck to make his way into the Top Ten List. Since then, he has been running up and down the bottom half of the list. He still races with 1986 Camaro aka the Silver Unit which currently holds a 704-cubic inch of nitrous-fed Big-Block Chevy engine, M9 9-inch rear end, and Billet specialties tires.

Despite earning a considerable amount of exposure from the show, Derek has not publicly revealed his net worth as of 2018. However, the royalty from the show and his sponsor deals is certain to make a significant add-up to his net worth which can be presumed to be in millions.

Married life

Apart from a fierce racer, Derek is also a family man. The Street Outlaws‘ star had been married to his longtime girlfriend, Christina Tessneer. The couple had been dating since the age of 16. Derek and Christina welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kaylei Travis in 2007. He is often seen sharing the picture of his daughter in the social media. Although the two has not officially revealed about their divorce, rumor has it that the couple is no longer together.

Derek Travis alongside his daughter, Kaylei Travis

In addition to that, Derek is currently in a relationship with Tara Parten. The two have been dating since April 2017. Although the pair do not share much about their dating life in the social media, they are often seen sharing each other’s picture every once in a while.

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