American actress Demi Moore has won millions of hearts with her roles in Hollywood hits like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Disclosure.’

Now, she has joined her daughter Rumer Willis on the 4th season of ‘Empire.’

She plays the role of Nurse Claudia, a creepy nurse who helps Luscious with his recovery after the near-fatal explosion in last season’s finale.

The actress was offered a role in the early season, but she turned down the offer thinking that it wasn’t the right time personally, schedule-wise.

However, when her daughter Rumer was promoted to series regular for her role as singer Tory Ash, she loved the idea of being a part of the show.

Moore will be appearing in total eight episodes and says that she is so much excited to work on the same project her daughter is doing.

It’s not clear whether Claudia is playing a villainous or a positive role.

For now, she is seen as a caretaker of a man of color and is more invested in maintaining his innocence and keeping him pure in heart.

Moore may end up being one of this season’s villains.