Deanne Bray is a deaf actress who has appeared in numerous Hollywood movies and television series.

Born on May 14, 1971, Deanne was raised in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, California, United States. At some point of her childhood, she also lived in Seattle with her mother. Deanne Bray never thought she would be a mainstream actress after being born deaf.

The 45 years’ old American actress is married to her love of life Troy Kotsur and the couple has a daughter named Kyra Monique Kotsur born in 2005. Deanne’s husband Troy is also deaf by birth. Hence, the couple makes a good match together.

Deanne Bray’s education has been applicable into her career

Deanne Bray education to speak and write English and learn sign language has been put to good use in her career. Although she can’t hear, she can still speak and act.

Bray stepped into the television world as Teddy Franklin in the TV film Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Lightning. After that performance, she is continuously landing on numerous roles on movies, shows and series.

What Do Women Want (1996), Last Mountain (2005) and Universal Signs (2008) are some of her Hollywood films. Likewise, Deanne appeared in 56 episodes of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. This series is perhaps the greatest feats of her career.

Other appearances include 2 Broke Girls, Grey’s Anatomy and Switched at Birth.

Deanne Bray’s height and other body measurements look like exaggerated, yet true

Deanne Bray, although 45 years old now, doesn’t look so old. She still looks very much rejoiced and dynamic. Moreover, Deanne’s body measurements feel like exaggerated even if they are absolutely true.

Deanne stands 1.7m tall and weighs around 58 kg. This gives her a perfect model-like body to Bray. She has breast size of 36 inches, waist size of 25 inches and hips size of 32 inches. Likewise, her neck size is just 9.4 inches.

Bray wears shoes of size 9.

Deanne Bray’s life is fascinating, especially because of the use of sign language

Deanne Bray is married to Troy Kotsur since 2011. The couple got married after being together in a typical relationship. Since their marriage, they have lived together in a fascinating way.

Very much interestingly, Deanne and Troy always have to talk to each other using signs. Although both of them might be professionals, it must be quite exciting to understand each other just based on signs.

Even their 11 years’ old daughter Kyra Monique needs to communicate with her parents using sign language. Kyra is also playing a great role in keeping the family bond strong and last forever.