The truth behind the rumors of the handsome hunk to be gay is yet to come.

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Being a public figure, celebrities are always under the scrutiny of the prying eyes. Even the small action they do, are publicized. So, their celebrated status sometimes becomes harmful for themselves that often leads them to controversy.

Similarly, being a famous ABC news anchor, Muir’s liaison status has been a subject of gossip in forums. Additionally, when they came to know that he is still single, gossip media began speculating that he is gay.

Most of you might be familiar with Muir’s professional status. But secretive hunk hasn’t shared much about his personal life.

Logo TV, a gay-oriented network began spreading speculations back in August 2014 that he might be gay seeing him frequently visiting the gay bars.

This tall and handsome TV personality’s attention-grabbing looks has won the hearts many female audiences but should they be excited about him being single? Because no one is sure whether he is gay or straight.

Never-ending rumors: Not encountered yet with any woman but claimed to have boyfriend

Certainly, you might have dreamed of having such a handsome man as your boyfriend. Likewise, many females were there dying for David’s smart and dynamic personality. But gay rumors have shaded the excitements of many women lately.

In past, there was a rumor that he is in a relationship with Gio Benitz, a fellow American journalist for ABC. Muir had also publicized the pictures featuring them in social media several times. The rumor remained in the media until Gio got engaged to his current husband Tommy DiDario. They have been working together on ABC news desk.

While Muir hasn’t been encountered with any women throughout his life, recently, a woman named Kate Dries claims to have shared a chemistry with Muir.

In a news titled “Reports indicated my boyfriend David Muir is a Monster”, she said that David and she do share a romantic bonding together.

She wrote on the news “David and I connected right from the start. He told me on our first date that he thought that Peter Jennings was the James Bond of the evening news. I tried to remain calm because Peter was my first love and I didn’t want to make David feel uncomfortable.”

Not only that, she posted some his pictures from the Instagram claiming that she clicked them in Rome’s trip.

Besides all of these speculations centering David’s relationships and sexuality, he still remains silent. However, tabloids never stop chattering until Muir himself make the issue clear. We don’t know how is his personal life. But a devoted journalist seems happy with what he has.

Tight-lipped about his personal life, David Muir has never discussed his partners and relationship to the media. As of the information revealed, David Muir has never had neither a girlfriend nor a boyfriend till date. However, it is still a mystery if David Muir is gay or straight.

David Muir’s girlfriend-less life has raised the questions on his sexual orientation. There have been rumors that the hottest newsman is a gay and has a boyfriend. However, he hasn’t responded to the allegations yet.

Wanted to be a journalist by the time he became 10, Muir has achieved what he had dreamed. But sure, he didn’t want to be talked on media with the allegations of being gay.

Until Muir himself doesn’t give any statements about the ongoing chitchats, media will never stop creating buzz.