David Letterman and his wife Regina Lasko’s life after Letterman’s sex scandal had been no better than hell at least for a few months or so. However, the mother of his son Harry Joseph Letterman seems to have forgiven the utmost sin of David. Perhaps, Letterman’s jaw-dropping net worth and monthly salary might have kept Lasko from filing divorce.

David Letterman was engaged in intense sexual offenses

In 2009, the year David and Regina tied the nuptial knot found themselves into the vicious abyss of former sexual affairs of Letterman as the anchor of various television shows. According to the insiders, Joe Halderman had continuously been blackmailing David Letterman for his sexual relationships with other women.

As per the reports, Joe Halderman had asked for a sum of $2 million to keep his mouth shut. While it hasn’t been revealed whether David paid the amount, the word about his promiscuous behavior definitely got out, even reaching the ears of his wife. It was all so devastating for the Letterman family.

The things were worsened by the fact that Stephanie Birkitt had been living with Joe at the moment of the scandal. More interestingly, Stephanie was one of the women David had been sexually attached with. You can imagine what kind of deep swamp David was in.

Although entangled badly in the situation, David Letterman gathered enough courage to talk to his fans and media via the social media. He said that he “had sex with women who worked for me”. Letterman, nevertheless, did not fail to apologize to his wife at the same time.

The CBS News wrote on him – He [David Letterman] came on the air and publicly apologized to his staff, to the viewers and he recognized that he might have jeopardized his career and might have jeopardized his family.

While it seemed a bold apology in front of the whole world, David’s wife had been really upset. It has taken each year ever since to make up for that mistake. Even today he says that he is not proud of anything he did. He is still looking for the love in Regina’s eyes for him which was clearly visible prior to the scandal.

Anyway, the couple is still together somehow means Regina has forgiven Letterman.

David Letterman earns more than $20 million every year

David Letterman is worth more than $400 million and earns a jaw-dropping salary of $20 million just from the television shows. Besides, he is rumored to be making a total of around $50 million every year.

While so much famous, so much moneyed and so much respected, David Letterman did an abhorrent mistake. Though his wife seems to have forgiven everything, David Letterman should take more time to make up for those things – for his 12 years old son Harry Joseph Letterman.