Pam Grier, who knows how to exude sensuality and toughness in equal measure, has also managed to defeat cancer with her tough-girl attitude.

Pam Grier, when we hear the name, numerous quotes, and dialogue from several Blaxploitation movies come to mind. The woman, who has a net worth of $10 million, was the 1970s queen. Also, she had triumphed against cancer battle, through Chinese herbal medicine.

Life and death are uncertain. If a person stands tall to fight their problems, then they can live to tell the story.

One of such inspiration & survivor is the American actress, Pam Grier, 67, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1988 & was given just 18-month to live. Let’s learn about it below.

Pam Grier opted for Chinese herbal medicine to overcome cancer

What could be worse, following Pam’s first surgery, her physical revealed that the cancer was more widespread than before. So, she went through a second procedure to remove cancerous tissue.

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After which, her doctor suggested to Eastern medicine after Western drug-treatment failed to heal her. The Chinese herbalists provided her with more effective & balanced treatment, which worked pretty well for Pam Grier, as she stands healthy and beautiful.

Pam was in her late thirties when she was diagnosed with stage-four cancer in 1988. She describes the experience as ‘full-time job’ and has said that it was one of the scariest and loneliest times of her life.

Also, Pam counts herself as lucky and has said that ‘cancer isn’t choosy. People in the cancer ward come from every ethnicity, every socio-economic background, it doesn’t mean, cancer is the common denominator”. And she thanks a combination of western and eastern treatment for her recovery.

Pam Grier had a tough childhood, but her Hollywood journey has been wildly successful

Daughter of nurse and a mechanic, Pam had a very rough life, as she was raped twice, first at the age of six by an older group of student and at eighteen she became the victim of a date rape. Fearing repercussion on family, Pam never spoke a word about the both incident until she penned her feeling in her memoirs, Foxy: My life in Three Acts.

Growing up, Pam dreamed of becoming a doctor and never thought of acting, television, singing autograph or movies. And her path to Hollywood stardom began in 1967 upon moving from her native North California to Los Angeles.

Slowly Pam made her name acting in 1970’s Blaxploitation movies, which focused on African American and urban black life. From playing criminals and prostitutes to prisoners, Pam continued as the badass women in Hollywood.

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But her journey wasn’t always smooth, she had been criticized for portraying negative black stereotypes and during 1970s many were uncomfortable seeing a progressive black woman in an action and leading roles.