Courtney Friel has hot body measurement of approximate 34-25-37 inches. She stands at five feet and six inches. Her face is uniquely symmetrical, making her all the more appealing! No wonder Courtney gets asked for dates on-air. 

Courtney Friel has maintained hot figure even after birth of two children

Even after two pregnancies, Courtney is very much toned and curvaceous. As a matter of fact, she achieved remarkable weight loss within five months of childbirth. 

Hot Courtney Freil dressed in leggings and black sleeveless top while attending 7th Annual Pedal on The Peer charity event on June 5, 2017

In one of the Fox News conversations, Courtney mentioned how important it was for her to remain patient, especially when “the scale wouldn’t budge for weeks at a time”. She talks about eating healthy, working out and setting personal targets to gain back her figure.  She has revealed that she focuses on low-carb diets and vegetables.

Courtney Friel remains a good friend with ex-husband Carter Evans

Yoga enthusiast, Courtney was once a Maxim model

Courtney Friel practicing yoga at KTLA along with her colleague Jim Castillo on International Yoga Day.
Courtney is also a devout yogi and meditator. She is a patron of Los Angeles-based meditation studio, Unplug Meditation.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Courtney is also popular for her revealing photo shoots. She used to model for New York-based men’s magazine – Maxim. It is believed that Courtney made required efforts to remove bikini snaps off the site after getting hired at the Fox Network. However, an anonymous source leaked the photos, threatening to degrade her prestige as an established journalist.