Factual Errors About Cars

The show is built around the idea that Danny Koker is an expert on the subject of cars and motorcycles. He always offers great details on cars that make people’s way into his shop, and sometimes he is dead wrong about them.

Car enthusiasts go online and point out the inaccuracies Danny makes on occasion. One of them said that Danny claimed 1954 was the year Chevy began making the Corvette, and that it was a failure, with just 600 produced. The enthusiast noted that four Corvettes were built in 1952 and several thousands the following year.

Bad Customer Reviews of Count’s Kustoms

The work that the crew does within the show is beyond great and customers are always ecstatic with the end results. But, what you see on screen can be very different from what you get in real life.

TripAdvisor, the popular website that provides reviews of businesses and attractions around the country, has less than stellar ratings for Count’s Kustoms.

Danny Koker Was A Horror Movie Program Host

KFBT, a local Nevada television station used to air a late-night program called Saturday Fright at the Movies. It would run its different cheesy horror flick every week. Koker was the host of the program with the name, ‘Count Cool Rider.’

He was typically dressed in a black jacket and sunglasses. And the opening credits sequence showed him riding a motorcycle. The program’s set consisted of a coffin surrounded by candles, and Koker would introduce the evening’s feature with a faux Transylvanian accent.

Danny Doesn’t Like Working On His Father’s Cars

Danny described his father as both a best friend and a business partner. He said he kind of lost his mind when his father died and he had to get busy to cope with his death.

He revealed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he started to dig out a couple of his father’s personal vehicles that now belong to him and that he hasn’t been able to think about, or look at, or touch for a long time.

Doc Duggan’s Home Was Robbed

Joseph ‘Doc’ Duggan, the tech guy in the Counting Cars, is the one who installs all kinds of high-tech gadgets into cars. There’s a downside to being a techie on a popular TV show, it’s that people assume you’re loaded.

Doc found his house robbed in 2015, after returning from a Thanksgiving trip. He found his door unlocked and the place empty. Only a few piles of clothes and dishes were left. The robbers had run those dishes through the dishwasher before leaving.

As a result, Duggan beefed up his security, he added cameras, stronger locks, and other security measures to the place.